Tuesday 29 November 2011

WIP's - this and that!

I was sitting in the sun stuffing (pillows-not myself!lol!) and stitching a few seams, when it came to me, I better pop on here today as the rest of the week is hotting up to be very busy!

Again the colours are showing a little brighter than they really are, but I have used a Christmas red instead of my normal barn red.
Just some little pillow tucks, stenciled,

Larger pillows, stenciled on prairie type cloth-excuse the pins but the bottoms are being sewn this afternoon!

I have put out a few little bits of decor for Christmas, simply because we were changing the fireplace in the living room and it just seemed easier when it came to cleaning and dusting the room rather than the everyday stuff.
I got son out with the glue and snowflakes on Saturday and this is what he produced for me. I will try and get some red berry holly nearer to the holidays, but in the meantime this will have to do.

And a closer pic of the fire.....We took out the fireplace and gas fire and put in this wood burning stove and I LOVE it-soooo cosy. This room seldom got used as I never felt comfortable with the gas and we always seemed to migrate to the other room with the wood burning stove in it.
We put a 17th century beam above as you know I needed something to decorate!lol!
These bits are only set up meantime until I get my Christmas lights out.

As I was putting a few Christmas bits out on Saturday, the postman came with a parcel for me! My purchase arrived from Christine (Preferably Prim). Christine does such lovely handwork and x stitched these lovely little pinkeeps on linen and beautifully backed in ticking. Love them Christine and thank you so much for the 'partener'-you are far too good to me! Don't they look fab?

Do you remember these wooden items? I think I got them last Christmas....well, this is the project I have been working at, on my bathroom floor! Excuse the mess but I though I would share. I need a man now to put them up, then the fun part of decorating them:)

Whoops, I better get off this computer before my cherubs come in from the bus, or they will think I do nothing else!lol!
Have a great and safe week,



  1. Good for you, Shazy! So all those sleepless nights figuring out what to do in the living room have turned out GREAT - the beam over the stove is beautiful and perfect for prim decorating!
    LOVE what you've been doing with the stencils and pillows and can't wait to see the wood pieces up for Christmas!
    Best wishes

  2. Love the snowballs and the tree, how cute! Your little pillows and the pinkeeps are awesome!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. I like the idea of the stenciled designs. Faster than doing applique letters.

  4. Shazy, I do believe that you are just as talented at stenciling as you are at stitching! Those pillows are adorable! Love what your son did w/the snowballs! cute!
    Love the big beam over the new stove! Looks great!
    I'm still working on some stitched ornaments. I'm always behind it seems~lol

    Love and hugs,

  5. I love the stenciled pillows! You are very busy! Glad to had a chance to show us some of your many projects before things get too busy!!

  6. The stenciled pillows are awesome.Love how your tree looks with the snowballs.Hugs,Jen

  7. oh love the stenciled pillows. do you use plain stencils or the cricket? love the xstitch pillows from christine..very cute!

  8. Love the stenciled pillows ! Can you explain more about these??? Do you have a source where you purchase the stencils?

  9. Love your WIP's, very nicely made! Adorable for Christmas. Your snowballs and Christmas tree are a cute centerpiece for the table.

    Yes, Christine is very talented like you! Love the pinkeeps that she stitched. You're gonna have lots of fun decorating with all your new wood pieces.