Thursday, 30 December 2010


Thought I better pop on and wish everyone a happy new year, before its over too!!
Christmas just seemed to go over in a blink and I haven't even caught my breath yet!

Our Christmas turned out enjoyable, but low key-hubs was sick the whole time and is only starting to pick up today, after twisting the Dr's arm to get an antibiotic and that was after the second appointment too!

We did have a lovely family time and the children really enjoyed themselves, which is the important part and tomorrow we hope to have my sister and family so we are looking forward to that and hopefully hubs will get to enjoy some entertaining.

Anyway, just wanted to share a few pics of some lovely gifts I received relating to my love for stitching:)

First up, I got the shock of my life on Christmas eve, when postie delivered a box for ME!!
My great buddie, Wendy (The Quiet Room) sent such beautiful things that I sure wasn't expecting. They were wrapped beautifully, but impatience couldn't wait for the camera!lol!

Hope you can get a decent view-the most beautiful birdie and tartlet pinkeep-just look at the stitching detail and a lovely woolly sheep for my wool collection display and check out these adorable prim socks-I have them out on display on the next photo and the rest I am keeping until my Christmas stuff goes away. Thank you sooo much again Wendy-love them all and love the fabrics:)

The following are of my crafting pressies from my great family-so much yumminess and so me, even tho I helped them along a bit!lol!

I have been wanting a blanket crane and peg board with a candle holder for a while now, so hubs conscripted his buddy again and I even got a plate rack too (no photo yet) just need to get them painted, but that is what's making me nervous-what colours????I'm very much a barn red person but how much red can a gal have?

When I assisted hubs with the ordering of this book (wink, wink) Lynda very generously popped in a couple of extra patterns-how kind was that??....I was so touched!

These are the patterns for the new Autumn quilt by 'heart to hand'-just love it ( below is the finished quilt)

I already had the patterns for their Christmas quilt, but had been looking for the fabrics to use for the background, so that was another pressie-some delish Japanese wovens and plaids etc. I'm not sure when I think I will get these made, but I thought I might do a block of each, every month........??? Below is how the quilt should look.

That's all on the stitching front, between watching movies with my oldest daughter and some housework in between and tending to the sick, I am suffering from stitching withdrawal, but maybe next year:))

Blessings to all for the incoming year, health, peace and happiness!

Shazy x

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Just in time...

It's really a winter wonderland here. In all my years, I have never known us to have such cold temperatures and for the snow to stay so long. I love the brightness that the snow brings (I don't like dull wet days) and I don't mind the snow staying for Christmas day, but after that I think I will allow it to disappear!

This is going to be a looong holiday, as the children have been off from last week with school closure. I thought I was up to date with my baking for Christmas but with them being off, my tins are nearly empty again:(

I wanted to quickly show a few finishes just in time for Christmas:)

I have been beavering away any spare moments, to get this table runner finished for my living room table.

This is just to show the wools closer. I used 3 different textured reds and 3 different textured greens.

I found it hard to get a good pic of the sitting room table display, but it is very simple- 5 gingerbread fellas in amongst some greenery.

And just some random shots of Christmas decor!

The children are very excited today-in keeping with tradition, the next door grandparents have a party for us all. We have a great time playing games, opening presents and lots of eats-just what memories are made off. Esther has made an after-eight cheese cake and I have made 2 batches of fudge-peanut butter fudge and dark choc fudge, so we intend to indulge:))

Trust everyone has a great Christmas as we celebrate the coming of our Lord and Saviour as a babe into this world. May we all experience the peace that He wants to bring to our lives.

Blessings, Shazy x

Monday, 13 December 2010

Where have I been?

It seems to me it's becoming quite the habit-not being able to find the time to blog!
Believe me, that is not my desire, but just the pace of life- but I am glad to be fit and well enough to be busy:)

Why is it , that every Christmas there always seems to be something to hang over me (like a headache) which keeps me from enjoying my favourite time of the year to the max? I sooo love stitching all the yummy patterns, but I need to be at peace with myself in order to do so! However this year, a job has been advertised and it is keeping me from sewing-you see, every time I think of stitching, I feel guilty that I should be preparing for an interview.....why is nothing straight forward?

Anyway, it's Monday and for my sanity, I am going to both blog AND stitch!! After entertaining yesterday ALL day, I'm entitled to some 'me' time, but so far it's not going so good! Poor 'son' is off school with his asthma again-we have just returned from the Dr's with yet another antibiotic and 'babe' is all put out and causing a rumpus that her tv has been taken over so early in the day..... but I'm going to post this today!

I'm afraid that I don't have as many finishes as I would like to have:( but maybe next year.....
This is an all wool snowman pillow that I got as a kit from Primitive Gatherings

I think this penny tree mat is a 'Lakeview Primitives' pattern

I am so enjoying punch needle at the minute-simply because it is something you can just pick up and set down as and when. I have seen alot of old sheet music ideas about blogland recently, so decided to use that as the background-unfortunately the camera is not doing it any favours!

Finally, on Saturday evening (after spending all day preparing for guests) I stole an hour in my sewing room and cut out this little wool mitten-the free pattern from the blog hop by Stacy (Buttermilk Basin). My intention is to have it blanket stitched before this night is out:)

I will leave you with a few bits of Christmas decor and hopefully will be back with some more soon.....

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of the year and getting time to do all they want to get done. Looks like I will be housebound for this week, so I think I am going to be FORCED into Internet shopping, just hope postie doesn't delay:) Have I time do you think???

Take care,
Shazy x