Thursday 30 December 2010


Thought I better pop on and wish everyone a happy new year, before its over too!!
Christmas just seemed to go over in a blink and I haven't even caught my breath yet!

Our Christmas turned out enjoyable, but low key-hubs was sick the whole time and is only starting to pick up today, after twisting the Dr's arm to get an antibiotic and that was after the second appointment too!

We did have a lovely family time and the children really enjoyed themselves, which is the important part and tomorrow we hope to have my sister and family so we are looking forward to that and hopefully hubs will get to enjoy some entertaining.

Anyway, just wanted to share a few pics of some lovely gifts I received relating to my love for stitching:)

First up, I got the shock of my life on Christmas eve, when postie delivered a box for ME!!
My great buddie, Wendy (The Quiet Room) sent such beautiful things that I sure wasn't expecting. They were wrapped beautifully, but impatience couldn't wait for the camera!lol!

Hope you can get a decent view-the most beautiful birdie and tartlet pinkeep-just look at the stitching detail and a lovely woolly sheep for my wool collection display and check out these adorable prim socks-I have them out on display on the next photo and the rest I am keeping until my Christmas stuff goes away. Thank you sooo much again Wendy-love them all and love the fabrics:)

The following are of my crafting pressies from my great family-so much yumminess and so me, even tho I helped them along a bit!lol!

I have been wanting a blanket crane and peg board with a candle holder for a while now, so hubs conscripted his buddy again and I even got a plate rack too (no photo yet) just need to get them painted, but that is what's making me nervous-what colours????I'm very much a barn red person but how much red can a gal have?

When I assisted hubs with the ordering of this book (wink, wink) Lynda very generously popped in a couple of extra patterns-how kind was that??....I was so touched!

These are the patterns for the new Autumn quilt by 'heart to hand'-just love it ( below is the finished quilt)

I already had the patterns for their Christmas quilt, but had been looking for the fabrics to use for the background, so that was another pressie-some delish Japanese wovens and plaids etc. I'm not sure when I think I will get these made, but I thought I might do a block of each, every month........??? Below is how the quilt should look.

That's all on the stitching front, between watching movies with my oldest daughter and some housework in between and tending to the sick, I am suffering from stitching withdrawal, but maybe next year:))

Blessings to all for the incoming year, health, peace and happiness!

Shazy x


  1. Personally I love red, too. But if you think it may be too much, how about black? It goes with everything! The good thing about prim stuff....if you don't like it, re-paint it!

    Hope everyone is healthy soon. Hubby did a wonderful job picking out your Christmas gifts! wink, wink

  2. So glad you popped on to show us you wonderful gifts!
    Santa was really good to you - you must have been a VERY good girl!! LOL!
    Wendy was so generous - everything is gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful New Year with family and look forward to keeping in touch next year!

  3. Always enjoy seeing your things ~ your pressies are all wonderful and those quilts are gorgeous!
    Love the blanket crane, I need one for our family room. LOL
    Wendy always makes the cutest things! She is so sweet!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful bloggie buddy and I hope we can stay in touch.

    Warm hugz,

  4. Ok, so could those socks be any cuter??? :-) Nice goodies! I can't wait to see your progress on those quilts! I love them both. Primitive Gatherings is going to offer the Autumn quilt as a BOM too. A very Happy New Year to you and your family, Shazy!!

  5. Happy New Year, dear... Love all your lovely gifts.. Tell your hubby I know how he feels.. I am calling this the Christmas that passed me
    No, I am thankful it could be much worse..
    Isn't it fun to have so many projects waiting for you...
    God bless...

  6. Happy Happy New Year...
    I'm wishing you the best for the new year, Nancy

  7. Sorry your hubby was sick, I've been sick since Christmas evening so I know how he feels. I hope he is feeling better.

    I love Wendy's gifts to you. The socks look great hanging on that gorgeous red quilt! A girl can never have too much red, hehe!

    The autumn and Christmas quilts are adorable! I love the designs and colors used on both. Great pressies, girl!

  8. Hi Shazy,
    Soooo glad you liked your little gifties....hey they look better in your! I am soooo green with envy...hahaha...LOVE your Blanket crane and Peg board!!! I really need to get my hubby a carpenter friend or maybe I should enrol him in some New Year woodwork evening! Love the Autumn and Christmas quilt patterns...starting to turn green again...hehehehe
    Hugs and Happiness for the New Year
    Love Wendy x