Saturday, 15 December 2012

New homespun construction site!

So a new construction site has been started across the pond! I showed a pic on my last post of the homespun houses I have started putting together and although very late in joining the SAL, Anne has kindly invited me to come on board.

The reason for the delay? I had to bide my time until I came across the book here in the UK.

I am further behind than most and for that reason I will show 3 this month.

I think I have 1 more house to put together but I have a lot of windows still to do.
Initially I thought this would be a good project to practice my needleturn applique-just windows and doors, but between my lack of skill and the fact that homespun isn't straight to start with, I have wripped out more than I have stitched I think, but we shall persevere!

Go check out Anne's blog to see what others are doing and have a great weekend.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Hello! Feather wool tree link and tutorial

It sure has been a while...........!

No point in starting to give you loads of reasons as to why I have been away for so long, suffice to say, life has been busy.
Why now you ask? Well, a number of very thoughtful people have dropped the odd email to see that things were all OK and of recent I have received a number of emails asking about the wool tree I made last year, so I want to pass on that info as best I can to let people get ready for Christmas:)

I have to give credit to my original inspiration and that is the directions I followed for my first little tree and where I am directing you to follow the instructions regarding the whole method of cutting and gluing etc, so go to here.
Good directions!
So, for my large feather tree, I am sorry but I just adapted the above directions and after measuring for you, roughly they are as follows. I'm sure you creative people could do much better, but roughly here you have it!
I used a 30 inch dowel rod (an old stick would be cool too).
For the bottom 2 rows I cut my wires 9 inches with 7 wires on each row.
Next 2 rows from bottom-7 inch length by 7 wires/row.
Next 2 rows up, 6 inch length by 5 wires/row.
Then 2 rows 5 inch length with 5 wires/row.
Top row, I cut the wires 4.5 inches with 3 on the row.
Finally on the top, I drilled a small hole on the top of the dowel.
Cut a further 4.5 inch wire and insert in the top with glue gun after applying the snipped wool of course.
I used glue gun and brown flower tape.
I hope this helps you get a few made for Christmas:)

While on, I thought I would reassure you that my stitching therapy/addiction?? still continues (when time permits).
Here are a few things I have been working on recently.
This is a Country Stitches pattern, however, I used 32 count linen and it came out a lovely neat sized pillow to display

A Buttermilk Basin, wool runner

Lastly, this is on my design board. I have been watching Anne (Cottons and Woolens blog)and all her friends making this quilt but I knew how difficult it was to find the book, especially in the UK, but after patiently sitting it out, I found one in England, so I am far behind the rest, hence why I haven't joined the quilt-a-long. So this is for you Anne and thanks for all your inspiration:)