Saturday 1 December 2012

Hello! Feather wool tree link and tutorial

It sure has been a while...........!

No point in starting to give you loads of reasons as to why I have been away for so long, suffice to say, life has been busy.
Why now you ask? Well, a number of very thoughtful people have dropped the odd email to see that things were all OK and of recent I have received a number of emails asking about the wool tree I made last year, so I want to pass on that info as best I can to let people get ready for Christmas:)

I have to give credit to my original inspiration and that is the directions I followed for my first little tree and where I am directing you to follow the instructions regarding the whole method of cutting and gluing etc, so go to here.
Good directions!
So, for my large feather tree, I am sorry but I just adapted the above directions and after measuring for you, roughly they are as follows. I'm sure you creative people could do much better, but roughly here you have it!
I used a 30 inch dowel rod (an old stick would be cool too).
For the bottom 2 rows I cut my wires 9 inches with 7 wires on each row.
Next 2 rows from bottom-7 inch length by 7 wires/row.
Next 2 rows up, 6 inch length by 5 wires/row.
Then 2 rows 5 inch length with 5 wires/row.
Top row, I cut the wires 4.5 inches with 3 on the row.
Finally on the top, I drilled a small hole on the top of the dowel.
Cut a further 4.5 inch wire and insert in the top with glue gun after applying the snipped wool of course.
I used glue gun and brown flower tape.
I hope this helps you get a few made for Christmas:)

While on, I thought I would reassure you that my stitching therapy/addiction?? still continues (when time permits).
Here are a few things I have been working on recently.
This is a Country Stitches pattern, however, I used 32 count linen and it came out a lovely neat sized pillow to display

A Buttermilk Basin, wool runner

Lastly, this is on my design board. I have been watching Anne (Cottons and Woolens blog)and all her friends making this quilt but I knew how difficult it was to find the book, especially in the UK, but after patiently sitting it out, I found one in England, so I am far behind the rest, hence why I haven't joined the quilt-a-long. So this is for you Anne and thanks for all your inspiration:)


  1. You don't owe us an explanation anyway. It's your blog! I haven't posted on my primitives blog since June, either (but no one has asked where I am LOL). I do try to keep up with the quilt blog, though. At least you are still quilting and crafting and that's important! I'm almost finished the "Winter" runner. Love the cross-stitch but didn't venture to buy any of them yet. Hope you post more often. I love your finishes!

  2. YAAAAYYYY! You've posted! And you know you ought to post more - your pieces are A M A Z I N G!!!
    I can't believe it's Dec 1st and there's no way I'm getting everything stitched up that I want!
    Great to hear from you!

  3. Hi Shazy,
    Lovely to hear from you ... I have missed you :)
    Love your Feather trees ... each year I think about trying to make one but thats usually as far as I get .. lol!
    I'm waiting on the very same Country Stitches Pattern to arrive - I've a rotten feeling its sitting on Mr Import & Duties Tax-Mans Desk! :(
    Take care, Love Wendy x x

  4. Hey there Shazy!!! Can't believe I almost missed your post! You do look like you've been very busy stitching! Everything looks wonderful as always!!
    Hope all is well w/you and your family!! Good to see you back on here! Merry Christmas in case you don't before then.

    Hugs to you,

  5. Hi Shazy....Wow, you need to post your progress on the houses when we post next time. We always post on the 15th, so let me know if you want to play with us and I'll link to you! They look great. I love your cross stitch, it's wonderful!

  6. Hi there, I sent your 'link' to my friend in Canada...I feel she needed to 'see' rather than hear all about your lovely work!!! Great to see your wee cushion AND the fabulous 'House blocks' Merry Christmas to you all..God Bless. Yvonne x x

  7. I'm glad you did this post b/c the orig. post about the tree doesn't exist anymore! Blessings! Laura

  8. Can you give instructions or new link to wool tree info. the old link does not work

  9. Can you give instructions or new link to wool tree info. the old link does not work

  10. What form of wool is used? Can I use old sweaters or a blanket?