Monday, 25 October 2010

I'm thinking Christmas:))

Half term holidays have got off to a fairly good start-weather wise, it is a lovely dry, bright crisp day and today was supposed to get most of the appointments out of the road. Today was eye and dental appointments-I was priding myself on how organised I was, only to arrive at the dentist with all three cherubs to find I was too organised-we were a week too early!! Just need to check that the asthma clinic is definitely tomorrow.

The positive outcome of this was, they were all up early and have had a good long day, so much so that the planned movie evening has turned into an afternoon session!lol! Does that mean, bedtime will come early??

Last week I was trying to get organised for the children at home this week and after the freezer got filled, I felt the need for some applique prepping (thinking of all the waiting room sits!lol!), so here are a few pics,

My favourite colours:)Sorry-should have moved those eggs

Lots of pennies.....

Can't seem to get the colours of this quilt right, but you get the drift. It is an adaptation of Cheri's Christmas Sampler-wool applique on a woollies flannel background and I hope to have many cozy evenings by the fire stitching this baby. There is a quite a bit of detail still to be added.

Thinking Christmas-I'm very excited about this new mag, solely for primitive quilting and has 10 great designers submitting patterns etc......Prim Gatherings, Liberty Star, Needl' Love, Primitive Pieces by Lynda and more. Well,I helped hubby on with his Christmas shopping and ordered a subscription-aren't I very thoughtful??

If you are interested, check it out at www.primitive quilts and

Well, the movie is almost over and the dinner has to be ready, so thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out Christine's great giveaway-she is getting us all in the mood for Christmas decorating:)Just click on the Santa pic on my sidebar.

Blessings, Shazy x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Blogging award!

Yep, I have been able to snatch a few minutes to jump on here (hubs is away for the groceries, babe is in bed and homework's are being done-no computer needed for a change!!)

I want to say a big thank-you to Christine for nominating me for the versatility blog award-I have been trying to respond but you all know how it is:) I will be honest and say, I have dragged my feet a little 'cause I didn't know what to do (not having been here before) but thanks to my good friend Tanya I am going to copy her and if I get in trouble , so will she!! What are friends for????

On my sidebar you will find lots of fantastic blogs that fit the award, so go and enjoy an evenings pleasurable reading, but before you go, I am going to join in with the fun and try and tell you 7 lesser known things about me, so here goes:

1. My next passion to stitching etc is baking

2. I played the church organ for years

3. I am left handed

4. I run a mile at the sight,sound .......of vomit and I am a nurse! Sorry, just had to include that one as it is as real today, as when I was a child:)

5. My dream is to own a log cabin some day

6. I am a hoarder:(

7. You all know my love for muted colours, plain prim quilts, folk art etc? Well, here is another love I have........

Yes, it is still folk art, but contemporary does not usually come into my vocabulary, yet I love Sue's work-heavy embellishment and all:) Are you surprised?
I was analysing myself today and think maybe I am loving her work( I have several of her patterns) because it is wool and lots of texture or maybe subconsciously I'm thinking more as heirlooms for my children-they get a bit tired of my prim palette!Ha!

Well, I better not analyse myself any further and thanks again Christine-hopefully I will be back soon with more pics; will it be my usual or will I be brave and wear my other 'hat'???

Have a great weekend,
Blessings Shazy x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Fall goodies!

I have been trying to get a post done for some time now, but I just don't know where time goes......either that or, I can't get near the computer!!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some lovely fall goodies I received from a recent swap I was involved in with the lovely Wendy from 'The Quiet Room'-This swap was so much fun to take part in and I got such beautiful goodies to add to my Autumn decor:)

To get a better view, here is how I have displayed them,

I sooo love the crow makedo and just look at the lovely stitching on the wool pumpkin mat.

The smaller pumpkins, I grouped together with some Spanish moss and the rusty pumpkin is hanging below, on the table drawer knob.

Thanks again Wendy-I am so delighted:))

Thought I would just share with you some other fall pieces I have been working on-some for our home and others were for gifts,

Sorry about the quality of this pic, but with the flash, it kept coming out too bright-it is needle punch pumpkins put onto black prairie cloth-I'm quite pleased how it came out.

This little quilt is from Primitive Gatherings, called 'Pumpkin Party' and is probably the first quilt I have in fall colours-please don't be inspecting it too closely:)Again, it is showing brighter, than it really is.

We are having some delightful weather here at the minute-bright sunshine, yet crispy air in the mornings-very pleasurable with the beautiful fall colours on the trees. I just love this time of year, although I am itching to start some Christmas projects...

Thanks again for visiting and hopefully I will be back sooner:)

Blessings, Shazy x