Monday, 25 October 2010

I'm thinking Christmas:))

Half term holidays have got off to a fairly good start-weather wise, it is a lovely dry, bright crisp day and today was supposed to get most of the appointments out of the road. Today was eye and dental appointments-I was priding myself on how organised I was, only to arrive at the dentist with all three cherubs to find I was too organised-we were a week too early!! Just need to check that the asthma clinic is definitely tomorrow.

The positive outcome of this was, they were all up early and have had a good long day, so much so that the planned movie evening has turned into an afternoon session!lol! Does that mean, bedtime will come early??

Last week I was trying to get organised for the children at home this week and after the freezer got filled, I felt the need for some applique prepping (thinking of all the waiting room sits!lol!), so here are a few pics,

My favourite colours:)Sorry-should have moved those eggs

Lots of pennies.....

Can't seem to get the colours of this quilt right, but you get the drift. It is an adaptation of Cheri's Christmas Sampler-wool applique on a woollies flannel background and I hope to have many cozy evenings by the fire stitching this baby. There is a quite a bit of detail still to be added.

Thinking Christmas-I'm very excited about this new mag, solely for primitive quilting and has 10 great designers submitting patterns etc......Prim Gatherings, Liberty Star, Needl' Love, Primitive Pieces by Lynda and more. Well,I helped hubby on with his Christmas shopping and ordered a subscription-aren't I very thoughtful??

If you are interested, check it out at www.primitive quilts and

Well, the movie is almost over and the dinner has to be ready, so thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out Christine's great giveaway-she is getting us all in the mood for Christmas decorating:)Just click on the Santa pic on my sidebar.

Blessings, Shazy x


  1. Oh goodness! I have done that exact same thing before! I hope you enjoy the rest of your time with the kids :0) Your quilt is going to be amazing!!

  2. Pretty daggum close with the red! I'm trying again today with the red. Let you know soon how it went. What is the blue? I LOVE it.

    And the prim magazine? Already on it. Can't wait until that one comes out!!

  3. Ooooh la la, girly! I'm itching to see what all becomes of those little wool circles!! Your Chr. quilt is adorable, but lots of work, I'm sure. How cute!!

    Just how did you find out about that mag. before me??? LOLOLOL Looks too wonderful for words. I love that you helped your hubby out w/his Christmas shopping for you! Hey, you just gave me a great idea! LOL

    About the dentist escapade~ at least no one can say you were LATE, ha ha.

    Have a great week w/the kiddos! I'm still plugging along w/some stitching, but not finished yet, wahhhhh!


  4. I must have a look at that mag!!! I think I will love it!! I also love your project!

  5. I can see that you have a good project going. I think I have the pattern. I need to check that out.

  6. What a busy day for you guys. Too bad they wouldnt take you a week early :) Been there. The quilt is beautiful, the wools are beautiful. I might have to get that pattern! Have a great one!

  7. Not much time to get on here, when the kids are off!
    I LOVE what you've done already with the Christmas quilt in wool - it promises to be absolutely beautiful when finished! Can't wait to see it!
    Good for you getting in a subscription early!lol!
    Enjoy half term!

  8. Hi Shazy: Your wool applique looks like a lot of fun...Thanks for the info on the quilt Magazine...It looks great I'll have to pick one up...
    Have fun stitching, Nancy

  9. Hi there!
    How did I miss this post????
    Maybe it was the 1/2 term holiday black!
    Love your hand-dyed wool pennies and your Christmas-sampler..mmmmmm...Yummy!!!
    I best go check I've not missed anymore of your posts;)
    Love ya Wendy x

  10. Hello!!
    Just found your blog and I love it!!! Your projects and finishes are great!! Thanx for sharing!!

    Ellen S

  11. Ah, at least you were early on your appointments. I took my son to the dr. a week after his appt. It is much more embarrassing that way than early, lol!

    My favorite colors too, love the deep dark colors! Whatever they make, I know it will be lovely, just like your Christmas quilt.