Saturday 16 October 2010

Blogging award!

Yep, I have been able to snatch a few minutes to jump on here (hubs is away for the groceries, babe is in bed and homework's are being done-no computer needed for a change!!)

I want to say a big thank-you to Christine for nominating me for the versatility blog award-I have been trying to respond but you all know how it is:) I will be honest and say, I have dragged my feet a little 'cause I didn't know what to do (not having been here before) but thanks to my good friend Tanya I am going to copy her and if I get in trouble , so will she!! What are friends for????

On my sidebar you will find lots of fantastic blogs that fit the award, so go and enjoy an evenings pleasurable reading, but before you go, I am going to join in with the fun and try and tell you 7 lesser known things about me, so here goes:

1. My next passion to stitching etc is baking

2. I played the church organ for years

3. I am left handed

4. I run a mile at the sight,sound .......of vomit and I am a nurse! Sorry, just had to include that one as it is as real today, as when I was a child:)

5. My dream is to own a log cabin some day

6. I am a hoarder:(

7. You all know my love for muted colours, plain prim quilts, folk art etc? Well, here is another love I have........

Yes, it is still folk art, but contemporary does not usually come into my vocabulary, yet I love Sue's work-heavy embellishment and all:) Are you surprised?
I was analysing myself today and think maybe I am loving her work( I have several of her patterns) because it is wool and lots of texture or maybe subconsciously I'm thinking more as heirlooms for my children-they get a bit tired of my prim palette!Ha!

Well, I better not analyse myself any further and thanks again Christine-hopefully I will be back soon with more pics; will it be my usual or will I be brave and wear my other 'hat'???

Have a great weekend,
Blessings Shazy x


  1. There's nothing too awful in that list Shazy; well perhaps No. 4 is a bit of an admission and you a nurse too!!

    Snap on the book - I have that too - gorgeous ain't it? I so looovvveee Sue Spargo's style and one of the main reason's I started to collect wools etc! What good taste you have!!

    Julia:0) x

  2. I'm glad you jumped on the band wagon w/me! I had a few others who passed it on to 'everyone' as well, so we can all get in trouble together, LOL!!!

    Well, let's see, I never played the church organ and I'm not left-handed, but pretty much everything else we have in common(except for the nurse part) ~shouldn't be too surprising, tho'. :))

    Fun getting to read more about you! ha
    Have a great Sunday!


  3. Your welcome!:-)
    Enjoyed those facts about you - apart from no.4!
    Hope hubs is able to cope!lol!

  4. Hi Shazy:
    Thanks so much for the kinds words you left on my blog.....I'm so glad to find you....Your blog is amazing...I love your work....I Too love Sue Spargo designs for the same reason I love her embellishments....I always wanted to take one of her classes but could never find one close enough to me....So I signed up for her block of the month that starts in January....By the end of next year I should have one of her wonderful quilts with all the fun embellishments finished...Doesn't that sound like fun...
    Have a great evening, Nancy