Friday, 23 April 2010

Stitching show, needle punch and painting project!

Well, Is life as busy in your pad as it is here? This has been another hectic week but I know by reading some of your blogs, you are finding it to be the same-so many jobs, so little time....

Hubs was meant to be in the States this week, but due to the air problems, his flight was cancelled, so all my plans to run the roads had to be put on hold! No, I'm only joking-I'm actually glad he is here this week to help with our three year old. She had to have a full leg plaster of paris on since Sunday because of a limp, so it is great to have an extra pair of hands as she cannot weight bear. We hope to get it off on Monday and hopefully the limp will have disappeared (there is no fracture etc)

As you can imagine, I have spent my week reading and playing!! I did get the odd little break:))

Last week, we had a stitching and craft show-nothing like in the States, but I did manage to dig for a few little goodies:)

I got a few patterns-I know this is one of the older books of Primitive Gatherings, but I didn't have it and was glad to get my hands on it. The small pattern is a Primitive Gathering needle punch.

Being a Christmas person, I couldn't resist this wire hanging and some rustie goodies.

I also got some lovely woven Japanese fabrics that I took a liking too-possibly a little bit different for me, but I thought this bag would be nice to make sometime.

I did get a little more needle punch done and I must say, this is a very enjoyable craft and am looking forward to trying a proper pattern next time (don't look too close-since completing them, I have learned that I have probably punched my rows too close together, but I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt)
I'm not sure where it will hang yet, so it's on the settee meantime!

Now, I want your opinions on this next project-your very honest opinions please!

This shelf started out pine once upon a time.
I painted it cream over black and then stained it after distressing, but I'm not sure about the finished colour-Should I have left it unstained? (I am trying for a few occasional pieces in a lighter colour)

Thanks for visiting and hopefully I will get you posted on my outside-it's still a work in progress!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to say you visited as I enjoy the company:)

Shazy x

Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter break

Hello blogging friends!

I'm beginning to think that this is how blogging and I are going to be-'as and when'
At the minute, that doesn't seem to be too often, so I thought I better pop in and say hello, incase you forget who I am!!

Lets just say, life is very busy and snatching a few minutes to catch up on a few of your blogs is a luxury these days, but I am hoping to catch you up soon:))

The children have been off school this past two weeks-just back today, so this past two weeks has been family time. We had a lovely little break of five days to Spain, which we really enjoyed. I think we enjoyed it even more when we realised home was having snow storms and hurricanes!!!! Our weather in Spain was just lovely-not too hot, yet hot enough to get out and about and do plenty of activities which the kids wanted to do.

We found this lovely pool which was 36 degrees-needless to say, we spent two afternoons there

The boys had a competition at this and had to go back a second night to decide who really won....Boys!!

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon at this place-there were all sorts of activities from water-sking, quading, rock-climbing and treking etc. Leah got to do an Easter egg hunt-do you see her little basket?

Meanwhile, I relived my youth, by attempting pony treking-I forgot how hard it is to stretch ones leg away up there!

Safely back from an hours trek-can't understand how they knew we were foreign-it couldn't have been the white bodies, could it?

Back to porridge and the outside which was annoying me before I went, was waiting for me when I came home....nothing else for it, but to get stuck in!!

Needless to say, there has been very little crafting going on, but I think I would be in despair if I couldn't fit a wee bit in.

Needle-punch and rug-hooking have been tempting me over the last while, so.....I ordered a needle for needle-punch and used a couple of Primitive Gatherings patterns that I had which were for pin cushions-just plain and simple to get me going.

I'm not sure yet how to finish them off-I haven't researched that yet, as I was too impatient to get started:)
I am going to show my inexperience now by asking what you will probably think to be a silly question, but,for you experienced needle-punchers out there; can you use calico or is it necessary to have weavers cloth?

There will hopefully be a set of three, the third being a sheep. (the markings will be covered with stitches, I didn't want to waste the fabric:))

Thats about all from my neck of the woods, just to say, that I hope this lovely weather continues and hopefully I will have a nicer outside to show you.

Have a great week,
Shazy x