Friday 23 April 2010

Stitching show, needle punch and painting project!

Well, Is life as busy in your pad as it is here? This has been another hectic week but I know by reading some of your blogs, you are finding it to be the same-so many jobs, so little time....

Hubs was meant to be in the States this week, but due to the air problems, his flight was cancelled, so all my plans to run the roads had to be put on hold! No, I'm only joking-I'm actually glad he is here this week to help with our three year old. She had to have a full leg plaster of paris on since Sunday because of a limp, so it is great to have an extra pair of hands as she cannot weight bear. We hope to get it off on Monday and hopefully the limp will have disappeared (there is no fracture etc)

As you can imagine, I have spent my week reading and playing!! I did get the odd little break:))

Last week, we had a stitching and craft show-nothing like in the States, but I did manage to dig for a few little goodies:)

I got a few patterns-I know this is one of the older books of Primitive Gatherings, but I didn't have it and was glad to get my hands on it. The small pattern is a Primitive Gathering needle punch.

Being a Christmas person, I couldn't resist this wire hanging and some rustie goodies.

I also got some lovely woven Japanese fabrics that I took a liking too-possibly a little bit different for me, but I thought this bag would be nice to make sometime.

I did get a little more needle punch done and I must say, this is a very enjoyable craft and am looking forward to trying a proper pattern next time (don't look too close-since completing them, I have learned that I have probably punched my rows too close together, but I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt)
I'm not sure where it will hang yet, so it's on the settee meantime!

Now, I want your opinions on this next project-your very honest opinions please!

This shelf started out pine once upon a time.
I painted it cream over black and then stained it after distressing, but I'm not sure about the finished colour-Should I have left it unstained? (I am trying for a few occasional pieces in a lighter colour)

Thanks for visiting and hopefully I will get you posted on my outside-it's still a work in progress!

Have a great weekend and don't forget to say you visited as I enjoy the company:)

Shazy x


  1. I love the shelf just like I see it,,,looks great to me..

  2. Sorry to hear about your wee one's limp but hope it will have healed by Mon. Maybe it did work together for good re. flight disruption!!

    Your punch needle looks great all framed up!
    The shelf looks really prim - I love the style of it!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hope the cast worked for your daughter. I think your shelf turned out perfectly prim and the color is wonderful. TFS.

  4. I think the shelf would be lovely as is OR a creamy, butter color. Just my opinion.

    Great projects by the way.

  5. I hope the cast helps your little one.
    I love the shelf...very prim and the color is pefect!!

  6. Sorry to hear about little Leah's leg~ praying it will heal properly!

    You got some wonderful patterns(we need to see FULL view next time)ha ha
    And the Japanese fabrics are beautiful!!

    Your punch needle looks absolutely perfect the way it is! You did an amazing job and now it makes me want to get back into it! LOL ~ like I need anymore things to get into!

    I love the bench the way you painted and stained it! Looks very prim and you did a great job! You totally underestimate yourself!

    Have a great week and hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Sorry to hear about your little one! I hope she is feeling better. It's a good thing your hubby ended up being around to help out.

    You dug out some nice goodies! I really like those patterns. Your needle punch turned out great! They look wonderful all in one frame together like that.

    I love the color of your shelf. Very prim! I think you ought to hang it up and decorate it, then stand back and see if you like it. If not, then you should be able to tell what color you want to paint it. But I love it!

    Have a wonderful week~

  8. I've got all of those patterns and the book, and I've got one of those hangers, annnnnd I've got some of those fabrics!!!! I really do think we were separated at birth! I love, love, love your punchneedle, soooo cute! I hope your little one is ok soon.
    Love Wendy xx

  9. Heavy stuff plaster of Paris.... aw.... give her our love from Soggibottom.

    I like the shelf just as it is....
    x x x

  10. Your bench is gorgeous...very nice job...I too am a registered taking some time off from working as a nurse practitioner so I can get some crafting done for my business.