Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Finished project and other things!

Hello again,
I hope everyone has had a good start to May. It is hard to believe how quickly the months are flying by, but I sure am looking forward to some good sunny weather. This last few days here have been quite cool ( we still have to put the heat on) and worse still, I am wearing my winter boots!! Sorry but, I like my comforts and there aint much worse than cold feet! Ha!

Thank you all for your lovely thoughts and kind wishes regarding my daughter and her sore leg. Thankfully the cast is now off and they do not want to do any further scans at present. So hopefully everything has settled down again. The whole experience seems to have knocked her confidence and produced new fears-one being, that she won't go to sleep on her own; she seems to need someone with her ALL the time. We sure are hoping, that this soon settles!!

I thought you might like to see a quick little needle punch. This is one of Robins patterns from Bird in the Hand blog. I had previously got the bit of wood from a charity shop, thinking I would make a wall sconce, but when I was looking for something to mount this needle punch onto, this seemed to fit the job!!

This is where it is for now, but I'm not sure it is staying here (there was an existing nail)

Over the last few days, I have been taking a couple of pics of a few things that have made my heart SING:) I hope you all have such moments. Obviously it goes without saying, that my family makes my heart sing, but this blog is primarily about my hobbies and crafts and I don't really like putting my family on such a public place, as you can understand.

What makes my heart sing....
What can be more joyful than the colours and details of nature?

What makes my heart sing?.....the back broke on a HUGE maintenance job! (I'm painting this timber black)

.......Postie bringing an international parcel (that means something crafty from USA-yea!)

.......getting stuck into a new project. This is an all wool penny rug table runner and so far I am enjoying prepping it for hand stitching-I so love having hand stitching to do in the evenings.

There is a window just above my cutting table, which is making these colours look brighter than they really are-they are more muted.

This is what the finished job should look like:)

Oh, did I not put in a photo of what postie brought? Oh dear! Well I'm going to have to save that for another post, but I think it might have been some yummy fabrics...

Have a great week,
Blessings , Shazy x


  1. I love your little punch needle project,
    I would love to do that some time.
    Looking forward to seeing your penny
    rug all done. Hope you are having a
    great week!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Glad little one's leg is better! It's hard when they can't settle at night - hope it resolves soon!

    I am just so impressed with your multi-talented skills!! The needlepunch is perfect on the wooden paddle - love it but I am going green over seeing the wool runner kit you've got - it's absolutely gorgeous!


  3. Oh my goodness, girlie! You have been quite a busy bee w/your needle punch and your woolie patterns! They look wonderful!
    Do I detect some fabric bins in the background???? LOL And you think I'm organized, ha.
    Keep checking those pkgs. for inquiring minds want to know what's in them~ :)))

    Tanya~have a great week!

  4. Love the punch needle on the wood paddle...and love that penny rug too!! They both are just wonderful!!

  5. Sorry about your daughter. That's not a good thing for her or for you. I pray you are all able to sleep well at night!

    That's a cute idea to put your little needle punch on that board. It's like it was made to fit there! Cute!

    Looks like you are busy, busy! The runner is coming along so nicely. It will be so pretty when you are finished.

    Have a blessed week~

  6. I want to thank you for the nice comment
    on my bath, it is much appreciated! Also,
    I wanted to say that I hope your daughter
    is doing much better, I failed to mention
    it before. Hope you are having a great

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Hi you!
    Love your newest punchneedle it looks really good, and guess what ???? I made that very same table runner last year!!! I really do think we were separated at birth...maybe I need to have a chat with my Mum...LOL!!

    Love ya (even though I know where you're going this summer!!! ;)...can you see my green eyes...hehehe!!) Wendy Xx

  8. Good morning...first let me say thank you for being one of my followers and for signing up for my Give away...sorry everyone couldn't win!

    What a wonderful Needle Punch...something I will get into much later...have several waiting to be worked on - I see something neat and buy it thinking 'oh a new project' and it never gets touched...but someday.

    Love the wool Penny Rug...just beautiful.


  9. Your needle punch looks great mounted on that piece of wood. Your penny rug is going to be just beautiful!!