Monday 31 May 2010

Pressie and stitching!

Today was a lovely sunny day-a little blowy, but definitely better than the rain we received on Saturday! It is just so pleasurable to have sunshine coming in through the windows, even if it reveals my lack of cleaning!LOL!

Last week was one of those weeks-2 steps forward and about 10 steps back!!! Most evenings and afternoons (school finished early) were spent revising-this was my son's end of first year exams and until now, they have never been taught how to revise, so it was intense to say the least. Lets just hope he has learnt from the experience!!

Added to that was ANOTHER visit to the Dr's with him, for ANOTHER round of antibiotics-they know us on first name terms now..HA! AND we were back again today with cherub number 3....I'm beginning to feel a little uncomfortable, in case they think I have an obsession with the surgery, or worse still, with someone in the surgery:( It's going to have to be vitamins all round for the next month, to help us stay out of that place!

I did get the most lovely surprise in the midst of one of my power cleaning mornings......Yep, Postie came again:)) Oh, I so love postie when he brings me parcels, especially ones that have been put together especially for me, catering to my tastes. Just check out what my lovely friend Wendy from 'The Quiet Room' sent...

Is that amazing or what? The photo doesn't show the lovely pillow properly. It has a little prayer and smells delish! Look at those bobbins (I am going to pinch a few for makedo's) and the lovely rusty goods and paddle and candles....

Thank you soooo much Wendy, I just love them all:))

Wendy does the most beautiful stitching and uses her blog as a journal. Not only is she a great friend but she is so inspirational, fun and so down to earth with it! Thanks again buddy:))

I never got to show you this boy I made recently. I like how he turned out with his wool penny rug, but I'm not sure if he would look better without his ears-what do you think?

Because of the nature of last week, I only got to snatch a bit of stitching here and there-purely for therapy, so it had to be something not very brain taxing and relaxing:)

I know it's not Fall yet, but I just needed these comforting colours....the bigger pillow is a chestnut junction pattern and the smaller I think, came from Homeberries.
I hope I am giving credit appropriately, as it has been a while since I got the smaller one.

The close ups are to show you the lovely fabrics I made them up with - Memes Quilts, but I don't remember which range. The stitcheries are darker than the pic shows, as they were stained.

Thanks to all who visit and to those who leave comments, I greatly appreciate each and every one.

I mightn't get much blogging in, for the next few weeks as I have a major clean to do, for going away Monday week-(my MIL will be staying here) but we will see, I might get round it quicker than I think :)

Hope you all have a great week,
Shazy x


  1. Loved all your goodies from Wendy! How sweet!

    Your sheep is absolutely darling and would look great on my penny rug I just posted about! LOLOLOLOL

    Love your stitcheries, even tho' I'm not even thinkin' about fall yet! Those are so fun to work on!

    I'll have to post what all I've been working on soon, so you don't think I've been lazy!!LOL

    Gotta go get ready for a b'b'que!!
    Talk soon!


  2. What a wonderful pressie from Wendy! A very thoughtful and generous gift!

    I love what you've been working on!
    Would the sheep's ears look better pointing backwards slightly? Don't know, just a suggestion but I love it anyhow!

    Get the vitamins in asap and make sure you get on that flight!!lol! :-)

    PS sorry I've not posted yet re goodies - I hope to get the time tomorrow when the kiddies get back to school!

  3. Hi Dear... I love how you Irish girls talk... I was wondering what a pressie was until Christine mentioned it.. lol... and kiddies.. sweet..
    Your sheep is darlin.. and also your stitcheries..
    My what a wonderful friend you have there!!
    Blessings from Canada..

  4. Love all your goodies! I think your sheep is adorable and I love his ears!! Your stitcheries are great :)

  5. Love, love, love what Wendy sent you – particularly the bobbins!! And your sheep is really cute – perhaps his ears could be just a little bit smaller – but, hey, what do I know – LOL. Is he your own design, or a pattern purchased?


  6. Hi Shazy,
    Soooo glad you liked your goodies, I loved gathering them together for you, but it makes it much more fun knowing you liked them! I love your sheep and your pumpkin stitched can never have enough!
    With love Wendy x

  7. So sorry for all your steps backwards, but thankful that you've had sunshine!

    Wow! What lovely things you received from Wendy! Prim blog friends are the best! =]

    I love sheep! I just started collecting them this past year. I would buy your sheep with or without ears... either way it is adorable! I'm lots of help, aren't I? Hehe!

    As always, your stitching is beautiful! I love Autumn. Not only is it my very favorite season, it's also my favorite colors!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. What wonderful treasures you received from your friend. Your sheep is lovely - I would keep his ears, they look perfect and I love all your stitcheries as well. TFS.

  9. Your gifts were so good. Love those spools.
    I like the sheep with ears. I was wondering what pattern you used for the sheep. Buttermilk Basin has a sheep pattern with different penny rug blankets but the sheep has no legs. I don't think it is on their website any more but they are still available elsewhere.