Monday 21 June 2010

Primitive Gatherings and more!

Yeah! I had my prayers answered and got to Wisconsin and some really amazing shops!

What an awesome state Wisconsin is-quilters heaven would be an underestimate and as for the prim shops to visit.....they simply have it all and I was totally jealous of the huge choice and range of goodies available. My only problem (apart from running out of money, ha!) was the weight restrictions for the plane.....hubs was getting worried and bought a set of fish scales from Walmart, to weigh my bags, before going to the airport-it's always good to have a sensible head about!lol!

We travelled over last Monday and I got to my favourite on-line quilt shop on Tuesday, oh, I was so like a child, I think hubs thought I had lost the plot altogether-my eyes just could not take in the amount of yumminess; wools, fabrics, threads and kits GALORE! Where does a girl start, when faced with that??

Firstly, hubs was gently encouraged to go for a wee drive and not to rush back (he hired a nice car for himself), so he was easily persuaded!lol!

The girls in the shop are just as I imagined-very helpful, friendly and talented. Some of them design patterns too and the samples around the walls were just stunning.
Lisa (the owner) unfortunately, I didn't get to meet, as they were at a quilt show, but she ought to be proud of her girls-we had great fun, as my baskets got higher and higher!!

Anyway, it's the pics I'm sure you want to see, so here are a few-they don't do it justice, as I would have needed to take the samples individually, but you will get a taste.

These two pics, show some of the yummy wools-they also had big baths full of wool bundles-I would so loved to have one of every colour......

This was part of their red, white and blue area (not a great pic) but they had penny mats and the most beaut needle punch samples-see the basket on the wall, with the needle punch on it?

This was part of their Christmas area-just look at all the kits, sitting about-I know I am not doing it justice, but EVERY free space was covered, with samples or wool kits packaged or rows of patterns.

This bed, was up the front of the shop and on it you can see the Americana runner-just one of their summer kits. All the kits and samples to do with their summer book are all on display here.

The next two pics are on they way down the stairs, where all the Autumn Gatherings, samples and kits are. Then downstairs (I didn't get a pic) has all the wool rug hooking stuff and sale fabrics/patterns and an area for classes.

One bag of scrummy goodness! (Want the secret? I went back the next day, for bag number 2...hush!)

Ok, are you bored yet? You might just have needed to have been there, but for those not bored yet, I will show you one more amazing shop in Spring Green, called The Country Sampler Quilt Shop. Wow, but this shop had class.

The displays were amazing and they had such a range of beautiful muted colours of flannels, checks and plaids and yes, yummy wools. They also had loads of punch needle patterns, like Country Stitches and lots of prim cross stitch samplers. I didn't like to take too many pics as I wasn't supposed to-I asked after paying for my stuff and I think, she couldn't really refuse!lol!


What do you think? Stunning? That wasn't even half the displays. Look at how they wrap purchases so beautifully-I don't want to unpack them yet, as they look so good in the bags!lol!

Thought I better show you the main reason for our trip, just in case you thought it was all for me! ha! No, hubs was going to the Renewable Energy Fair at Custer and VERY kindly took me along, since he knows, I would have died if he hadn't!!! Thank you hubs, from the bottom of my heart-you were sooooo patient and tolerant and thank you for turning a blind eye to all the bags.....

That's all for now,thanks for stopping by and I will be back with some prim pics and some goodies soon,

Blessings, Shazy x


  1. I had thought Wisconsin must be Prim Heaven from what I have seen on the internet. I have nothing even close to that around where I live.

  2. What wonderful shops!!
    Oh my why do I have to live so far away!!!! :(
    One day I must head north for a shopping adventure.

  3. I am in Wisconsin, and trust me, there is nothing like that close to me. I may have to plan a day trip though. We do have good Amish shops as well as some decent tourist towns. I think you found the best of the best!
    Hope you also had a good time at the energy Fair.

  4. Well, you certainly didn't disappoint us, did you?? I'm so very happy for you & hubs to get to go on your dream trip, but I'm still jealous, LOL!!
    But hopefully not for long, as we're planning a trip to Amish country soon and they have similar shops there, thank the LORD!!! :)))

    Loved seeing all your pics and those shops are too wonderful for words! Thanks so much for making us drool and glad you're back!!


    P.S. can't wait to see what all you bought and will stitch up soon!


    What fantastic shops, Sharon! How did you manage to tear yourself away to an Energy Fair???!!!LOL!

    So glad your prayers were answered and you got there & back safely.

    Waiting impatiently for pics of your purchases - but I bet you've so much it'll take a few posts -haha!

  6. Be still my twitching fingers - oh, Shazy, you lucky, lucky girl!! How did you resist buying up the whole of Primitive Gatherings ..... the bank balance I suppose!! Now that you know where to go, I think you should arrange a trip from the UK to tour all of those lovely shops starting with Primitive Gatherings ..... and just make sure, finishing with Primitive Gatherings too!!!! I'm sure ther would be a few takers!!

    From a very envious follower:0) x

  7. What wonderful shops. I'm green with envy. I'm doing a BOM from Primitive Gatherings (Farmer's Wife), and am working on that black, red and white quilt hanging on the wall too. What wonderful eye candy! I think that I need to take a top to Wisconsin!

  8. Yup... you got your first taste of Primitive Gatherings... and you know what? If you went back in a month, they would have completely different kits and samples up.... it is amazing and never EVER do I walk out of there without something new and amazing. I am heading to Spring Green this fall, as I haven't been to that shop yet. Did you hit Mill Street Quilts or JJ Stitches? You were within 30 miles of both if you were at Spring Green... they are also really nice shops with some primness! They are both located around Madison.

  9. Wow, I can understand your excitement! What beautiful shops. Yay for your hubby taking you along!!

  10. Hi
    Glad to have popped over and to read about your amazing trip..loved all the pics and never get bored at looking at lush fabric..looking forward to seeing your makes.. :0)

  11. Hi Shazy,
    LOVED your pictures....soooooooo jealous that I couldn't go too!! Lol! Really glad you had such a lovely time...I have to mention though that your PG bag looks veeeeery full ;)
    Looking forward to seeing all your goodies
    Love Wendy x

  12. Oh my goodness girl!! You got my heart racing and my blood pumping!! I am so far away from there though. =[ Wow! I would have been so overwhelmed just by walking in the front door! How on earth did you ever decide what to buy?? There are no stores like that anywhere in my state. I would even drive a state away for stores like that.

    I'm so glad you finally got to go! I know how excited you've been about this trip!