Tuesday, 15 January 2013

House progress and a few bits!

Well I think I am just going to make this months progress midst everything else that is going on here
I had hoped to be a little further, but we will remain positive for next month. I thought the hard part was over after piecing all the houses but to be truthful, the borders will be just as time consuming, if not more!

I am enjoying this quilt very much, but will admit, without the push of deadlines from our site manager Anne, this would definitely not be as far on!

The borders are difficult to see but it is a black and tan small checked fabric from Buggy Barn.

I know Christmas is well over, but my plan is to try and make something each month in preparation for next Christmas. These burlap trees were made in December but I am tagging them and the 'joy' burlap pillows for January's contribution, simply because I know nothing else will get made this month.

Thanks for your visit and go check out the progress of the other sites across the pond-some great works in progress! Whoops, just had a preview and see I really need to change my header pic from Christmas, but sorry, not tonight!lol!