Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Autumn quilt progress

What a beautiful day we are having here in Ireland. The sun is shining and Spring has sprung! The down side is, I am dosed (head and chest) and the sun is showing me a sadly neglected house and I haven't the energy to sort it!

Soooo I am going to lose myself in the quilting world and try to forget:)

Firstly, thanks to everyone who took an interest to comment on my requst for advice re quilting my tree quilt two posts back. I greatly appreciate all the advice and will hopefully get to applying it soon.

As you have probably gathered, life is quite hectic around here. My new job (although only 10hrs/week) is a steep learning curve requiring extra reading etc at home, but I am hoping it will even itself out eventually, but in combination with my other roles, stitching is getting pushed out.......believe me, I entend to get that rightified pretty quickly or this wife/mummy won't be as good a wife/mummy. This mummy needs her stitching to keep her stress free:)

I just wanted to show my progress with my Autumn quilt by 'Heart to Hand' The photo's don't do the textures or colours true justice at all,

The first row is all but finished apart from the jagged edge on the basket block(pinned bit) I'm thinking of changing that to a lighted colour to make it a bit more noticeable against the background.

And both together....

My final little project is this little cross-stitch; a free pattern from the very generous Betty of 'Primitive Betty's'-this stitched up quickly and was a nice diversion. Just need to get it stitched into a little pillow. I used a tea dyed prairie cloth to stitch on.

I appologise for not having had time to visit many of your blogs, but I am hoping that will all change soon too and I can get a workable balance going on here,

Here's for a great week,

Shazy x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

March Christmas Quilt-a-long!

OK, I'm finally here!

Today was one of those busy Saturdays-taxi service to birthday parties and shopping/cleaning/baking....... now I'm home and almost ready to start-just a certain little 3 year old to get to bed and no doubt a few other jobs dropped in for good measure, but to all intents and purposes I'm ready to think Christmas:)

Today's weather really suits this quilt-a-long session-we have had more snow and it is very cold, so it won't be too difficult to get into the spirit.

I knew I had a busy day ahead today, so I prepped my block last night....

I know-I have skipped a block.....I couldn't wait to get to this block so I'm afraid Mr Santa won and I am so looking forward to hand stitching him this evening.

This is a pic of the finished quilt for those that don't know what I am working on during this monthly quilt-a-long. Talking of which, thanks again to Sue and Cathy for hosting this each month-it is a fab idea to have something ready for Christmas and if you join in, you also get their lovely star quilt pattern:)

Happy stitching and hopefully I will get back soon to show some progress:)

Shazy x