Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Christmas Sampler quilt top!

I am trying my best to post on my blog each Wednesday and today is just slipping away from me and that includes the light, in order to get a few good pictures!

Last year I started this quilt by Cheri called 'Christmas Sampler'and again it is wool applique. I made a few little changes that personalises it a bit.
Here is the quilt top-just another one to add to my collection of 'tops'!!

I wool felted Santa's fur trims and used mini ric-rac that I got from 'Country Stitches' to outline the gingerbread girlie. Also, some rusty bells to the tree and wool felted snow to the leaves of the top tree.

You can see I added a manger scene, as that is the real reason why Christmas is so important to me in that Jesus my Saviour came as a little babe.
I also included some stitched wording 'Glad Tidings of Joy' it helped fill a little space too!

I may add a few details more and no doubt as I look at the pics, areas that need filling will be clear, but this is what I have been working on the last few days.

That's all I have time for right now as there is a house full of hungry kids here, needing feeding.

Until next week,

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Quilt blocks and RAK!

It's a blustery Autumn morning here in Ireland; a good day for sorting things out and that is what I have been doing with my Autumn quilt blocks, pattern by 'Heart to Hand'

I finished off the cornucopia last night and then got all my completed blocks out to see what they look like......only 4 more to prep and sew!!!
Please excuse the colours, they look somewhat faded, but I had to use my phone as I can't find the plug to charge my camera. They say creative people rarely have an organised house-that's my excuse anyway!

This is block 7

....and block 8

A picture of the first 6 completed or thereabouts-I'm seeing a little something I might like to change!lol!

Yesterday morning, I got the most lovely surprise! Postie brought me a little package and you all know I just love getting little packages in the post.
my good friend Wendy (The Quiet Room blog) sent me a RAK, a just because, in her own words 'everyone needs a few more pumpkins'. Just look at this adorable set of pumpkins, which I have proudly displayed on my front table for all to see when they enter the front door. Sorry I can't seem to do anything about the blur, no matter how many times I took the pic.

I just love them Wendy and thank you once again for your thoughtfulness and generosity-I might add though, she has enough pumpkins to share with her village! I shall say no more, we all have our obsessions, don't we???

Happy stitching/creating or whatever makes you smile,


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Wool tree links now live!

Just popped in to say the hyperlinks on my previous post for the wool tree tutorial and 'preferably prims' blog, are now active.I know some people were keen to try their hand at making their own.
Sorry for the delay,