Wednesday 12 October 2011

Christmas Sampler quilt top!

I am trying my best to post on my blog each Wednesday and today is just slipping away from me and that includes the light, in order to get a few good pictures!

Last year I started this quilt by Cheri called 'Christmas Sampler'and again it is wool applique. I made a few little changes that personalises it a bit.
Here is the quilt top-just another one to add to my collection of 'tops'!!

I wool felted Santa's fur trims and used mini ric-rac that I got from 'Country Stitches' to outline the gingerbread girlie. Also, some rusty bells to the tree and wool felted snow to the leaves of the top tree.

You can see I added a manger scene, as that is the real reason why Christmas is so important to me in that Jesus my Saviour came as a little babe.
I also included some stitched wording 'Glad Tidings of Joy' it helped fill a little space too!

I may add a few details more and no doubt as I look at the pics, areas that need filling will be clear, but this is what I have been working on the last few days.

That's all I have time for right now as there is a house full of hungry kids here, needing feeding.

Until next week,


  1. Oh, I just love it!!! Darling!

  2. I love your quilt. Your added toughes make it even more special. :D

  3. JUST GORGEOUS! Love the background colour and the details you've added! Keep them coming!
    Best wishes

  4. Wow Shazy! You have a 'thing' for Christmas, don't you?? LOL
    Love all your personal touches you've added and it fits right in! Wonderful job, as usual!!

    Chat soon,

  5. Oh, how I love it! I have a top done that is Cheri's Winter Sampler though I think of it as a Christmas piece.

  6. Oh, I really like the quilt! It's so sweet!

  7. I love, love, love it. Your personal touch is wonderful.

  8. What a wonderful Christmas quilt! Did you do all the stitching by hand? Or by machine? Either way I just love it!

  9. Absolutely adorable. I bet this had to be one of your favorite projects. I love all of Cheri's folksy designs. You did a nice job with adding your own touches.

  10. it's quite a especially wonderful quilt.....

  11. It will become a keepsake I think. It is truly wonderful and especially with all you added touches.

  12. Wow Shazy!
    Beautiful Christmas quilt :)
    Love the trees and of course the little nativity, ooo and the pear and bird and the stocking,...and the Santa, WoW ... just love it all ;)
    Hugs for my friend, wendy xox

  13. It's a beautiful quilt and I think that wool goes perfectly for a winter/christmas quilt. Love the colors, too.

  14. How fun!! It looks wonderful Shazy! I also love the attention you paid to little details like the ric-rac and rusty bells, how cute.