Friday, 11 November 2011

Christmas stitching

I know, I know.......I said I would post on a Wednesday and believe me, I fully intended too and especially as this is my very favourite time of the year for crafting/stitching, but it's ironic isn't it? It's always my busiest time of the year for things other than my stitching!!!

Family, home, church, entertaining, running the roads, all seem to take priority at this time of the year. Don't get me wrong, I am delighted to be fit and able to do them, but.....sometimes I yearn for a little more time to make Christmas things, but guess what, I am on hols next week and I have promised myself and those around here, that mama is going to have several days of play!!! Watch this space:)

I did manage to find some time to make a few short projects, so that made me feel 'Christmassy'

This little pillow is a 'Country rustic primitives' pattern. I finished it off with wool of course, with little wool applique tongues.

Next is a runner, very difficult to photo, especially with my phone!

A little tree I made, but I will show a better pic next time. My son is to make a little wood block to set it in, but I don't see it yet!lol!

I still need to spray stain the snowmen a little, but I'm a little afraid to, in case I make a mess! Sorry, a bit blurry there!

Next-these little wool applique mittens were a kit I got a while back from Primitive Gatherings. Probably a bit big for the tree, but you get the idea.

This gives a better idea of what they look like-this was before I cut them out with their backs-make for a nice runner or something sometime??

Whoops, don't know what happened there, it published before I said farewell!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping in, I hope to be back with something after my few day's of 'playing', but we shall see!

Shazy x


  1. I'm all for having it decreed by law that all mommas everywhere should have 'playtime' anytime!!LOL!
    You GO FOR IT! I am in love with the penny finish on the x stitch! And the colors look so perfect on the snowman runner! You've got plenty done with the mittens too - great runner idea!
    I'm watching this space!!! (No pressure or anything!!!!)
    Best wishes

  2. I like every one of your projects. Especially the stitchery finished with wool. What a perfect ending for the piece.

  3. What a clever gal you are Shazy! LOVE the penny idea on the cross stitch, I've only seen it done a few times, but I LOVE the look of it! I may have to 'borrow' that idea! lol
    Your snowman runner turned out darling~I've been wanting to make that pattern for some time now~you've inspired me!
    The mittens turned out oh so cute!! I really thought that you had made a runner w/them till I read your comment! ha

    Yes, every mama needs some play time! I agree!

    Thanks for sharing~you have been a busy bee!


  4. I love all of your goodies, but I have to say that the snowman runner is my favorite!! Here's to hoping you get that play time!!

  5. Love all your creations! Cute snowman runner!

  6. It all looks really lovely - I think you've achieved a lot - well done.

    Julia xx

  7. Hello New Friend
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and joining.
    I too have joined your blog. Thats me a old picture..hehe Trace4J. I look forward to getting to know you. I just love all your sweet things. Especially the mittens.:)
    Blessings Trace

  8. Beautiful Christmas decorations. Love them all but the little pillow is really my favourite.

  9. you made me get a bit into the Christmas mood!!
    I liked everything!!! the mittens are cute!!!

  10. Oh Shazy, I just love it all!! I want to come for a visit and just wander around oohing and aahing over all your wonderful handmades! The snowman runner is so cute and those little mittens are so stinking adorable!!