Friday, 18 November 2011

A few small finishes!

I couldn't let my week of hols go past without sharing a little of my crafting/stitching.
To think that I honestly thought I would get 2 days to 'play'.....who was I kidding??

Maybe not 2 days, but a morning here and a snatched 1/2 hour here and there and I did not too bad at all, in fact, I am really pleased with what I achieved this week, between Christmas shopping, cleaning, out a few evenings and some stitching, oh and a little bit of painting, yes, it was a great week all in all.

I really enjoyed doing the little x stitch I showed last time and while doing a little tidying in my sewing room, I came across another little Christmas one I must have downloaded last year from Debbie-Woolensails blog.

I know...I liked the wool finish, that I did it again!lol!

You can catch a glimpse of one of the little trees made last week-son got me my wood blocks:)
And below,just a close up-I love the colour of the green wool!

Again while tidying my sewing room, I came on this little punch needle by Country Stitches, I started last year. I have him temporarily attached to the little board, so I can change with the seasons!

My obsession with trees continues.....I appliqued a little snowman to this wool crazy tree and gave him a light to carry!

And to finish with? Another tree of course.... Hubs thought I had taken leave of my senses when he saw the state of the kitchen while making this one-it got a grand haircut!

Hope you are all getting time to enjoy some stitching??? thanks for visiting again. I have a few other little projects in the making, just need another free morning or 2??
Have a great weekend,


  1. Yaay for finishes and they're all wonderful!
    It feels good to get things done! Love the trees, I've got to make some more myself!
    Hope you get time for more stitching!
    Best wishes

  2. I love all yur finished goodies !! It's fun to see how much we can "squeeze"into a little bit of time to do our crafting and make our homes lovely...Yours looks wonderful !! Have fun , can't wait to see what else is up your

  3. Everything looks wonderful!
    Love your creations.

  4. I love it all! They are all wonderful! Thanks for sharing, it is getting me in the mood!

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  5. Wow Shazy, I'm lovin everything you've shown!! The reindeer pillow is darling w/the wool tabs below~I still need to 'borrow' that idea!! That Santa is just too sweet! Love the idea that you can change him out for the seasons! and the snowman looks adorable holding his little light~ how clever! and LOVE that wool crazy tree! too funny about the other tree getting a 'haircut'~ sounds like something I'd do! ha

    Have a wonderful wkend, my sweet friend!

  6. Two is better than one. A gift I assume. I liked the first one and I certainly like the second.

  7. I love all your wonderful creations...thanks so much for sharing them....blessings

  8. I love the little stitching project with the wool pennies...lovely! You've been very busy! Now, I've got to get busy! LOL

  9. I love love love the x stitch with the wool ! It really makes the difference!!!
    You do so many things, Shazy!!!!
    and all lovely!!!

  10. I love that green wool also, perfect just for that piece! All of your trees are so adorable! And I love that Santa piece that you attached to the board... neat idea to change it out with the seasons. You are so creative, I just love seeing what all you come up with!