Friday 5 November 2010

Blog hop and some finishes!

I can't believe it's Friday already!! I feel as if I have just spent all week clearing up after last weekend-housework:( and here we are again.....

Have you been following the great blog hop on at the minute? organised by the very clever Stacy from Buttermilk Basin Designs-she has lined up a host of great designers that I love, to provide us with some wonderful patterns and recipes for the holidays-well this really appeals to me as I LOVE anything to do with Christmas:)

Thanks to Stacy for the wizard idea and to all the designers for their generosity-such fun!!

First up was Brenda (Country Stitches)with a lovely needle punch Santa and of course I had to give it a go-(please bear in mind, that mine is nowhere near as good as Brenda's and my photography doesn't help, but I'm joining in the fun and going to share my attempt:

A closer view-Oops he seems to have lost the greenery from his hat in this one!lol!
I increased the size for the standing one-the next photo is the original size, which I will use for an ornie.....yes, I made two...they sure were fun:)

When on the subject of stars, here are a few fun pillow finishes from Stacy's patterns (BMB)-love her designs and yes she is designing for the hop too!Yipee!

Every so often my sister and I get together to have a baking/cooking day to fill up our freezers, so I thought I would share a few pics of what we made on Wednesday.
It is great to get time together to chat, have fun and come home with produce at the end of the day-you sure can't beat that:)

I'm sure you can guess our theme.....of course it's Christmas!lol!

Lovely cinnamon shortbread (freezes great)

The traditional mince-pie (we do a mini version)
Sorry, you can't catch the smell in the kitchen...yumm!

This is just to show we mean business! Yes, we did make apple tarts, but we didn't make much impact on this lot did we? Next Tuesday is, tray bake day-anyone else coming?Ha!

Thanks for stopping by, I love visitors and hope you all have a great weekend,

Blessings, Shazy x


  1. Oh tooooo gorgeous, Sharon! Your Santas are every bit as good as Brenda's! I'm definitely going to have to try this one!
    Love those Christmas wool pillows too!
    Haven't you two sisters been baking like there's no tomorrow!lol!
    I'll join in you! LOL! But then I'd probably eat too much!

  2. You finished two already!! I was proud of myself for downloading the pattern! I think you did a fantastic job. And those mince pies looks wonderful. Think we can talk google into smell-a-blogger?

  3. Thanks for that Friday feeling. It's catching. :-) Thanks too for the blog hop..... :-) x x x
    They should have smelly vision on computers !

  4. The wool stars are cute as can be! I'm off to check out the Hop.

  5. Oh I find your Santa just to cute...never tryed Needle Punch. I now feel like making my own Star Decorations.
    And I can juts imaging the smell coming from your Kitchen....I just love Christmas:)

  6. I agree that the hop is such fun! I can't believe you finished one, let alone TWO N.P. freebies already!! I'm jealous! LOL Yours turned out exactly like Brenda's!
    The BMB wool stars are really cute too! I love her patterns also.
    Can't believe you and sis made that many Chr. cookies this early! Wow! you will be way ahead of the rest of us!!

    Have a great wkend, Shaz!


  7. I love it all - especially the cookies :), just kidding, the Santa is awesome!!

  8. You're sooooo good! How did you get to make 2 (!) Santas already??? LOL!
    I've only just figured out how to print them out the right size...hehehe!
    They look really lovely, you should be really pleassed with them :)
    I definitely want to come over next week for a baking!
    Can we do those Christmas cookies (I hope you managed to freeze ALL of them..hehehe ;)
    Hugs Wendy x

  9. WOW - you've been busy! I've only managed to print out the star santa pattern and you've got two of them stitched up already!

  10. Ummmm!!! those biscuits!!! I could feel the smell from Spain!!!!!!
    very lovely Christmas thnings!!!

  11. Very cute Santa, Shazy! We are always our own worst critic. I think you did a wonderful job on it! The star pillows are cute also and they look like they were fun to make. I wish I could join you in the kitchen. I sure love getting together with others to bake, it's so much more fun when you have someone with you besides your child, lol! Everything looks delicious!