Friday, 1 June 2012

Slow progress!

I'm not sure how this post is going to go with all these changes to blogger, but here is an attempt anyway, to see if I can master it! We have been blessed with the most beautiful weather today, which just called for lines of washing to be hung out! yes, sadly I had multiple washes to do, to my shame, but I honestly believe the family members of this house land down their entire wardrobes when I call for dirty laundry! Again, another busy month has just flown by and again as a result my poor stitching only gets fits and starts here and there, so I will share with you what I am working on, as there doesn@t seem to be many finishes around here anymore. So blogger puts photo's on in the order we download them now???? Well, I will know for again-maybe you should start at my last pic for that was how they were intended! I am still slowly plodding with 'Home Sweet Home' in fact I am behind as I have only one stitched of this grouping and the next set have arrived. I so wanted to keep up with this one. I suppose if I stopped starting other projects, that might be the answer......
Like this one.....just had to have a little cross stitch on hand and loved this from 'With thy needle and Thread'
What it will hopefully look like....
I haven't ever done much piecing and some time back I bought a layer cake by French General, so thought I would give it a go-a bit less prim than I am used with but I so loved the fabric and so enjoyed making something bright and 'summery'!
Don't be looking too close but I am trying to hand quilt it after googling techniques-I think the secret to even sized stitches might me a special thimble which I don't have......that's my excuse!
I have loved seeing/drooling over all the new patterns/fsbrics from quilt market; so much to be tempted by, but sure not enough hours in my day to accomplish many, but it doesn't stop me wishing. Thanks again for stopping by-I hope this publishes ok as the preview thing is scaring me-looks like it has already published and I haven't finished. We shall see how it presents, O no, where is spell check gone???? Happy stitching, Shazy


  1. The house and tree is my favorite of your projects. Wonderful piece thus far.

  2. Hello stranger, but so good to read your post and see your gorgeous work!!
    The quilt looks amazing and I'd say that was great progress!
    Speak soon!

  3. Oh my Shazy,
    You put me to shame w/your gorgeous quilt and hand quilting! They are beautiful!! and of course, I love your other stitchy things too, as always!


    1. WOW! Love all your have been very busy.

  4. I love the cross stitch project! I think I'll look for that pattern. Your quilt is awesome and your little house is so cute! You are really busy with hand work, aren't you?

  5. I'm working on that BOM as well--- the leaves aren't too exciting...but I Can't wait to sew my first six blocks together.... I quilt half way complete.....Love your stitching, it's going to be a great pillow. Summertime is a great time for handwork and porch sitting....

  6. I love the tree and house. The quilt is beautiful.

  7. Love your blog - prim but not too prim, if you know what I mean! Just a suggestion for the thimble - I really love the Nimble Thimble - light, small, soft leather with a metal tip. Wonderful. Or the Clover Protect & Grip thimble - gel finger grip with a metal top. I've used both and forgotten I'm wearing them - ended up washing up with it on once!

  8. I am also trying to learn how to use the new blogger interface!!! uffff!!!
    Love all your projects especially the house and the tree!!!

  9. Hi Shazy :)
    Long time no see, sorry I've not been around to say hello sooner but its lovely to hear from you ...
    You and me , both not sewing much :( but you're still further ahead than me on the BOM! And I even have the same lovely cross-stitch pattern , except mines not been opened yet just drooled over a lot ...hehehe
    Hope you're all keeping well, enjoy summer!
    Big Hugs Wendy x x

    P.S LOVE your 'French General' quilt ... its gorgeous! :)

  10. The star quilt is beautiful,,,, ciao Ale

  11. Dear,

    I love primitive art. I will follow your blog.

    Kisses from Barcelona.


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