Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I can't believe I am sitting posting-it's been so long I have to think about everything I try to do to upload photo's!lol!

Life has just been a gallop this last while, not all pleasant but thankfully there are blessings not to be overlooked either!
With the busy-ness etc blogging has had a back seat and I apologise for not commenting on blogs-I'm afraid when the choice of a few spare mins presented themselves, my therapy got preference; namely, my stitching! I do find that it helps me relax, which in turn helps me get the jobs on hand dealt with!

Today finds us off for the Easter break and I have my niece staying over and to lift her mind (her mum is having an op today)we got to stitching, so we are having a relaxing day. Here is my daughter and niece learning stitchery!

Then below are some things I have been working on during my 3 months absence from blogging.
First up is 'Home Sweet Home' by 'Heart to Hand' I have the first 3 blocks finished.
Now before you say, what about your other Autumn quilt........I have the top all sewed together, just have to do the vines etc and I haven't taken a recent picture.

This next is a different colour palette than usual for me but I am enjoying working on it- a Sandy G pattern.

Then something handy for the Easter break-some stitchery blocks by Primitive Stitches that Karen from Farmhouse Woolens had in her shop a while ago.
I am loving doing it especially since I have realised the joy of 'Transfer eze'
I LOVE this stuff. The last pic shows it in action-just print out pattern, it self-adheres to your fabric, you stitch, put it in water and it dissolves away-brilliant!

Ok, my time seems to be up on here, they now want chocolate cake!

I appreciate if you have taken time to visit me> Maybe I will get back again before 3 months!!!

Shazy x


  1. Well, well, well! So pleased you found the 'New Post' button again! LOL!
    Love all your new projects especially your header!
    Great pic of the girls - so like you and your sister! They seem to be enjoying sewing! It is a great way to unwind!
    Enjoy unwinding and Happy Easter!

  2. My word Shazy, has it been so long. I MISSED YOU. Happy Easter. At least you have been busy babes. :-) Blessings x x x
    Give the smiles a big hug from me too please :-) XXX

  3. Hey there Miss Shazy! So good to finally see you back on here again. I knew you'd 'cave in' and show us some goodies and of course, you didn't disappoint!!
    The girls look so cute w/their stitching~you will have to show us when they're done.
    Love all your stitchy goodies too! They look wonderful, as ususual! I will have to give transfer ease a try.

    Have a wonderful Easter dear friend!

  4. I love your wool pieces on your header! I just stitched one like the one on the left of your picture. I made it for a friend who loves wool. Thanks for following my blog!

  5. Hello, nice to see you blogging. I havent been able to find my blogging Mojo for the last year or so really.
    Sarah x

  6. Glad to see you back again, girl =]

    Your daughter and niece look so cute sitting there stitching together! The beginnings of another beautiful quilt Shazy! Love those stitchery blocks, they are going to look lovely on a quilt. The transfer eze stuff sounds amazing! I'll have to see where I can find it around here.

    Hope you all enjoyed your Easter/spring break. We are on the down stretch to the end of school. Yay! I'm ready for a break, lol.

  7. I learned to do easy embroidery when I was in 5th grade I think. Good to see young girls learning the art.