Tuesday 6 December 2011

A little bit of Christmas!

I can't quite believe that the month of December is here and moving so fast!! Yikes...how am I going to get everything done in time and still have time to sit back and enjoy???

As I was tidying round this morning, I thought I should share a few Christmas decorating pics. Some of my sewing machine table displays and a little of my mantles.

I have been enjoying beautiful decorating out there in blogland and I sooo wish I had the 'know how' and the ability to make my photo's better! You are going to have to excuse leads and walls that shouldn't be in the pics, but I don't know how to crop them (leads are the being of my life at Christmas!!)Also, the lighting, if I turn a lamp on it is too bright, if I turn it off, it's too dark......!!!

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you are not too busy to enjoy this very special time of year,

Shazy x


  1. Oh how I like the prim Christmas tree that is sitting in the corner.

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Just love it all but specially the feather tree in the corner. I have a small table top one that is authentic but would love a larger one. Great job!

  3. Wonderful decorations...thanks so much for sharing...blessings

  4. Lovely and Christmassy! Just love the woolly gingers in your header pic!
    Really artfully presented!
    Best wishes - take time to enjoy!

  5. I have the same problem with my pictures. Love the feather tree. It's just perfect in that little corner.

  6. Absolutely love the picture trail today!

  7. Great pictures! Love the fireplace!

  8. Everything looks so cozy and 'primified' Shazy! Lovin' all your warm Christmas touches!


  9. Hi Friend
    I just love your Christmas Love.
    And that tree is awesome.
    Hugs to you