Tuesday 6 September 2011

Stitching progress!

I wasn't sure how to title this post as it covers a number of things, but first up I want to show you some pictures of my little niece who has a passion for 'Little House on the Prairie' (a yearning for the simplistic life must be in the family genes!!)

Anyhow, when she heard we were for Lancaster county for our hols this year, I got a little request for a prairie dress, but not being able to find one already made, we bought some lovely fabric from an Amish fabric shop and a pattern.So you can guess what I have been working on over the last while for her birthday, which was also 'Little house on the Prairie' themed. I must confess it was a joint affair between my mum and I as she had to come to my rescue a few times!

Here are a few pics from my phone-I just wish you could see the little patterns on both the fabrics-makes them very old looking!

I wish I could capture the image of her going about on her scooter with the dress flying in the wind-reminded me of Lancaster....You just have to imagine it with this pic (the van sort of ruins the image!lol)

Doesn't she look adorable and really suit the image? Happy b'day again Keri and I am so glad you had a lovely time at your party, your mum is quite the party organiser!

I have been making some progress with my Christmas 'heart to Hand' quilt. All the blocks are finished (until I spy something I have left out) and I am working on the borders now. Sorry I couldn't get great shots as I had no models to hold it up for me, when photographing.

We had another momentous occasion in our household.....babe started primary school!
Just look at all the size of this wean going to school.....here is all three ready to head out for another years study. I can't believe summer is over and the routine has begun!

Thanks again for taking the time to share with us here and hope you all have a great week,

Shazy x


  1. Your niece looks just like a little Laura Ingalls Wilder!!! You did a beautiful job on her dress!! Happy Birthday to Keri!!! Your Christmas BOM is looking fantastic!! The pic of your children is just darling!!! Congrats to your Babe for starting school!! I love his little outfit! Darling!!

  2. So, so sweet - Keri and your 3 kiddos!
    Hard to believe Leah's off to school now too and all the size of the wee dote!
    The dress and the bonnet you made Keri is wonderful! Plaits in her hair and she looks ready to step onto the prairie!
    Will talk soon

  3. Hi Shazy. Great to see your creation. Seems that you needed a horse and cart in the pic.
    The dress and the model distract your eye to them not the van :-) Babies starting school. Such a lovely baby too :-)x x x

  4. Oh Shazy that is so adorable!! My daughter found one of her books in our home library to read for we are headed to Laura Ingall Wilder's home in 2 weeks! We are going to the museum and also to the yearly "Wilder Days" festival in honor of the author of the Little House books. We are SO excited and can't wait! They actually have a little Laura contest... I know your niece could win that! We need some of these sweet costumes!!! =]

    Your quilt is WOW! I can remember back when you were starting on the first square... you have come a long way and it is looking beautiful! I really love the dark, prim colors in it. You should be proud of yourself for this pretty piece!

    Your kids are darling! My youngest started elementary school also. They are so cute, aren't they?

  5. Wow Shazy, you did a fantastic job on creating that prairie outfit for your niece ~ how sweet of you and lucky for her!
    Can't believe you are almost completely finished w/your Christmas quilt! Seems like you stitched it up in no time at all! I have a couple of the patterns but haven't even started yet, I'm still in the fall mode.

    Have a great wkend and hope we can 'chat' soon!

  6. Forgot to add that your kids look darling in their school uniforms!


  7. Hi Shazy :)
    Love the Laura Ingalls dress ... I've always wanted to be Ma Ingalls ... fancy making me a dress?? Lol! .. Only kidding

    Your Christmas blocks are looking gorgeous, I'm just starting the last three, so I'm catching you up ;)

    Have you seen the new Heart to Hand BOM's on PG?
    I've been a naughty girl! ... YES, I DID!!!!!

    Your kids all look lovely ready for school, I'll finally have a quiet house on Monday when the last of mine goes back...9 weeks she's been off!!! 9 Loooooong weeks! lol!

    Take care, Hugs Wendy x