Monday 12 September 2011

Christmas quilt top finish!!

It's very like a winters evening here, between the winds howling and the rain beating against the window-very comforting and it is just making me itch to stitch!

I probably should be leaving this post until tomorrow, when I can get better pics, but I have finished my quilt top and I am soooo excited!
The colours are quite dark, but I can't wait until daylight.

Goodness, you would nearly think I had the quilt finished with my excitement, but I am just in denial about the mammoth task of quilting-it is always the bit that challenges me most!

Without further ado- my quilt top! I love how the borders were designed and PG's cool way of doing them in wool.

Another little finish-a Cheri pattern, I started last year.

And finally, a peep at tonight's hand stitching!

Thanks again for popping in and I hope you have a stitching evening lined up too,

Shazy x


  1. Excellent work! You should be VERY proud of the work you are doing. I love them all!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous - no wonder you're proud!!

    Julia xx

  3. Shazy.... GORGEOUS!! Ohhh I really need to make that quilt! And I love your other projects too... you are really stitching up a storm!

  4. Ohhhhh...STUNNING!! I have the pattern to that Christmas quilt...thanks for the inspiration to get it out!! Love them ALL!! You must feel wonderful!!

  5. From the pics I can tell it's amazing and I'm sure seeing it in person, it's even more stunning! I can only begin to imagine the work you've put in and even managed to sew up other beautiful pieces AS WELL!!!
    Great job!

  6. Hi Shazy :)
    Oooooo WOW!!
    The quilt looks fabulous ... you finished that soooo quickly!
    Now I'm 3 blocks and all borders behind, Gonna catch ya up soon-ish ... hehehe ;)
    Hugs Wendy x

  7. Wow...beautiful quilt and the borders are outstanding!

  8. Your quilt is so gorgeous - definitely time to start those Christmas projects. I even have a reminder on the top of the September page of my calendar - start Christmas runners etc. this month! - now today you have inspired me to get out my lovely Christmas fabric and get stitching! Thank you!

  9. Wowza Shazy,
    You've certainly finished a mammoth size project and it turned out amazingly beautiful!! You outdid yourself on that one and your smaller Santa is too cute! I can only imagine all the handwork on it and in a timely manner too! I bet you're as pleased as punch to have that one checked off your list, lol. I hope you have a big empty wall to hang it on and show it off.

    Wonderful job and thanks for the inspiration!


  10. Shazy!!! hello!!!!
    i see you are ready for Christmas!! the quilt is amazing, it couldn't be more beautiful. I love the colours!!!!!
    enjoy it!!!!

  11. I just ordered that BOM. Can't wait to get started. You've really motivated me! Great job!

  12. Shazy WOW! I am so proud of you, it is awesome!!! I totally love how it turned out! If I worked that hard, I would be excited about the finish too, lol. Don't blame you at all, much to be proud of! I love the other pieces too!