Monday 22 August 2011


I have tried and tried to post over the weekend, so this time I'm not going to type much-I have wasted sooo much time typing posts and they won't publish!!!!

I have been in the Christmas Spirit all summer! In fact, I could do Christmas anytime and the other night while stitching, I was sure I heard sleigh bells!!

Look who was in the field by our house????

I think he smelt Christmas and was looking for Santa....

Talking of Christmas, this is why I really wanted to post. Wendy (the quiet room) and I did a fun Christmas in July swap and just look at the lovely goodies she so kindly sent me. Wendy is one talented stitcher and I absolutely love everything she made. Thanks once again Wendy!

And just to finish-I couldn't resist starting this little mini mat wool kit.

Now to see if this publishes,
Have a great week,



  1. What wonderful little goodies!

  2. It did publish and I'm glad. :) Love the Christmas in July treasures. I love Christmas things any time, too. And I think you are right about the deer... :)

  3. Hi Shazy! Looks like that deer must have been listening for the sleigh bells ringing at your house! LOL
    Love the swap goodies you and Wendy sent each other~saw them on her post awhile back. LOVE all the darling gingerbread!
    My comp. is still fried, so borrowing my son's for now. Have a great week my friend!


  4. Hi Sharon!
    Don't know how I missed this post until now?!!
    But I'm longing to start Christmas sewing too!
    Wow! Fancy a deer so close - beautiful pic!
    LOVE all your swap goodies and the ones you sent Wendy.
    Did you get the feather tree on hols? It's perfect on your lovely new Santa runner!

  5. Hi Shazy,
    I seem to be missing everyones posts at the!
    Sooooo enjoyed our Christmas swap :)
    Great fun, and I still think I came out tops... there was a lot of Ginger in your box.. hahaha
    Love your Christmas Santa runner...tooo cute..wonder if I've got him in my stash ;) lol!!
    hugs and snugs Wendy x

  6. Beautiful buck picture! I sure wish we saw more of those around our house, they are so pretty.

    Lovely goodies indeed! What a wonderful swap! Girl, Christmas will be here before we know it... a little over 4 months away!