Thursday 11 August 2011

Catching up!

It is hard to believe I have been away from posting for sooo long, but blogger and I haven't been the bestest of buddies recently!!

Firstly, I had difficulty uploading pics-I would get a number uploaded and the next thing, they were gone and now this last number of attempts, I press 'publish' and nothing happens. Hopefully this time......

I have an awful lot of catching up to do, but I think I will show a little of our hols and see if this works; if so, I will be back soon.

Monday, we returned from a great trip to USA!!! What a great time we had and those who live there, feel honoured to have so much beauty, choice and availability, not forgetting the cheaper costs!

We started in beautiful New England, which was amazing, although on hindsight, doing there would have been better at the end of the trip. So many beautiful prim shops and the kids were itching to move on to Niagara Falls! But believe me, the shops I did get too, I made my visit worthwhile!

We stopped off in a lovely little town called Sturbridge and I found some lovely prim shops. First off was 'Handmaiden' which also had a quilting shop beside it....
A few pics of inside and I will show some purchases later.

Next was a visit to 'The Quilted Crow'. I have loved this shop online and Sue and her girls made us feel so very welcome; even taking lemonade and cookies out to poor hubby and kids in the car.

Some yummy wools!

I took the next pic for the runner they are making in a class-the snowmen. I have this earmarked in the Primitive Quilts magazine-a pattern by 'primitive pieces by Lynda'-it was adorable.

Now for a few purchases.
I loved the colour of this runner and the dish, I thought would look great with snowballs at Christmas.

I am loving these fabrics and found some lovely wovens when away too.

Of course a few Christmas wool kits had to make their way into my bag and I couldn't resist this little picture.

I better not try any more in case this doesn't work again, but, do you know how to recognise a stitching addict?? She takes stitching on hols!

Yes, I took some x-stitch. I knew we had a few long flights and car journeys, though the car was quite a challenge-monster lorries whizzing by on either side and us already travelling on the 'wrong side of the road'-my nerves were shot!
BUT I did some driving too, in fact, I was so good at driving on the left had side of the road, that hubby told me I was a natural! I KNEW I was born into the wrong country-I was meant to be in USA all along!!!!

Have a great day,


  1. How FANTASTIC!!!! I love all those pics so far and all the woolie gorgeousness you brought home! I see so much I'd love to do in those patterns - you did GOOD!lol!
    Even driving!?? I'm impressed - I didn't have the nerve!!
    Really good to catch up again!

    Don't be too long posting again!!

  2. Looks as though you had the 'dream' holiday - what a treat and I love all the goodies you bought - the wool looks sooooo gorgeous - lucky you!!

    Love Julia xx

  3. Enjoyed your photos very much. Your purchases are lovely. I have always wanted to visit The Quilted Crow, now even more so!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time ! Loved seeing your pics so much.Hugs,Jen

  5. Hey there Shaz,
    We just got back from camping so I'm just now catching up w/all the blogging news! LOL
    So great that you got over here to the states again and found even more goodies for your stash! Loved everything you bought!!
    Some day you need to come visit our neck of the woods and I will give you a personal tour of all the prim shops/quilt shops in our area, which are quite a few!!


  6. Ooooo Shazy :)
    soooo much yumminess :) and I bet there's a bit more stashed away too ;) lol!
    Loved all your fabrics and kits..have one or two of them myself ... hehehee!
    Have fun with all your goodies
    Hugs wendy x

  7. Lol! I think you're right... you are in the wrong country! But boy what a nice trip you all had. Fun for all, even mom. Glad you got to hit some prim shops. What awesome wools you found! Have fun making some wonderful things with it!