Tuesday 2 February 2010

Some yummy goodies!

Hello blogging friends!
I thought I would just pop in with a little post to keep in touch:)

Reading through your blogs over the last week or so, has brought such pleasure to say the least and I feel I know so many people now!lol

What have I been doing? Well, last week most times I didn't feel like much so I spent it lying about and catching up on some DVDs and flicking magazines and of course some blogging!

Granny and Granda had taken our youngest to their 2nd home at the north coast, to let me recover quicker and easier-to say the place was like a morgue would be an understatement; we all missed her soooo much but it was good for everyone and more than sacrificial of my MIL and FIL. She is home now and we are all enjoying normal family life again (with me in the corner giving the orders, my oldest daughter would tell you!!)

It is really only this week that I have felt like doing a bit of stitching, which I will show you in a minute, but first I want to show you a photo of some yummy goodies:)

My birthday (42nd) that is so difficult to look at, as well as to say (I still feel young and I still feel like a child when its Christmas or when I get new fabric!) Well, my birthday was in January and hubby was going to buy me some clothes; after informing him that I didn't need any more clothes, I took the opportunity to tell him what I did need-some patterns from USA and some yummy fabrics??? I will show you one photo-I did get some more but in case dear hubs reads this?? Seeing his credit card account will be soon enough to find out, what you all think?

Remember I told you I was going to do some redword stitcheries? Well, I did some but I'm afraid they are Christmas! They were all I had at hand and when a girl has gota sew, a girl has gota sew! You see, my sewing room is two flights of stairs up and I had to be careful:)

The second stitchery is one of the free patterns from The Painted Quilt. I think I will stitch them to a red background and frame them-after they get a splash of coffee stain of course:)

The next two pics were meant to be redwork also, but I thought I would do them in flannel and wool applique and make them into a wall-hanging-they are an adaptation of the free seasons sew along from, Quilt happy, quilt often. The watering can block is a freebie from Primitive Blessings and obviously there has to be a willow tree in it somewhere-that's a Shazy special! I still have winter and spring to do. I'm not sure what colour of border to do-one colour or two, any ideas?

I also started a little pillow and I'm just looking at my pics-I seem to have a thing for baskets in this post. The blue wool is actually darker than the photo shows.

That's all for show and tell time today; hope you all have a good week and thank you all once again for all your lovely comments and best wishes and for all those that have chose to keep in touch through my blog, I thank you most sincerely:)

Blessings, Shazy x


  1. What a fantastic birthday stash of goodies! Lucky you! Your stitcheries are lovely and the wall hanging is beautiful! Take it easy but I can tell the needle and thread won't be too far away!

  2. What fantastic birthday goodies you got. That's what I always dream of getting for my birthday, but unless I order it, it doesn't happen. I love all your stitcheries, but I especially love the wallhanging that you made!

  3. I love, love, love all of your fabric!!! Your stitcheries look wonderful & the wall hanging is awesome!

  4. Ha ha ...thankfully it will pass and in another ten years, like me you will still feel like a kid....especially at Christmas...
    My husband told the whole internet how old I was......wasn't pleased. x x x

  5. Shazy,
    Everything you made is PRIMTASTIC !!! Love it all. And Happy Belated Birthday. My youngest son is a January baby too. I keep looking at the thrift stores for wool but haven't found much lately. I want to try my hand at a penny rug. Oh ya' I'm a Willow Tree person too ;0} Wish I had one growing in my yard. Hope your day is wonderful and your tomorrow even better !
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  6. Awesome pieces!!! Oh how I wish I could stitch like this!!

  7. Loving it all! 42 looks good on you...

    Have a wonderful day and thanks for your visits... I appreciate them! Take care, Kimberly

  8. Happy BD!! LOoks like you had a good one!! LOve your stitcheries and your wool work!! Good for you...just lovely!

  9. Wonderful birthday goodies, I think you picked a great store to celebrate your birthday!! And I love your embroidery and wool projects too!! Can't wait to see your pillow, that blue is gorgeous. It was nice to hear from you today!

  10. Happy belated birthday to you! 42 is a good age. ;o) It looks like you got some nice goodies to work with. Your redwork stitcheries are coming out great! I'm working on a set of redworks too. Will have to post pic's soon.
    Have a blessed week! ~ Birgit

  11. Wow Shazy! That's a nice stash of fabric and patterns!! I'm jealous! =] At least you will have plenty to keep you busy while you are recovering, right?

    I'm loving your projects! Your redwork is so cute! The wall hanging is going to be prim lovely when you are finished with it! I don't know about the borders. Barn red is my favorite color and I have it in most of my home, so if I need a color for something I usually go with that. I think you should go with your favorite color and maybe add a second color if it blends well.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and always leaving sweet comments, I appreciate you! Have a delightful week my friend~