Monday 22 February 2010

Painting projects!

Good Monday morning to you all. I hope you all had a good weekend. Our weekend revolved around our daughters 14th birthday. It was just a family time as she didn't want a party-I wasn't complaining! We often end up looking through old photos for some reason at birthday times-I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy it-I end up feeling sad at the days that will never return.

I was reading someones blog the other day and I could really relate to it. She had a stitchery that said something like, 'take time to smell the flowers.' Sometimes (and I am guilty) we are sooo busy just surviving, that we fail to enjoy every minute of our kids lives. That will be enough of the nostalgia for now, lets move on!

Below are some painting projects I have been working on. This is a new craft to me, so please view with kindness:)

I painted this window frame with cream over black and sanded, then put a matt varnish over as I didn't want it too dark (It is darker than the photo shows)
Click to enlarge if you wish.

Oh, sorry, excuse my toe:)

Just to show you where I hung the frame and one of the signs. I am not in love with this mantle, but it will have to do:( I figured if I displayed it nicely, it would detract from the mantle?

Another sign over this mantle.

Show and tell over for another time. I will sign off now and get the house cleaned after the weekend:(

Have a good weekend and don't forget to enjoy all those precious moments with family and friends,

Shazy x


  1. Great job on your painting projects! I just loooooove your signs & I think your mantle looks great! Have a great Monday=)

  2. Good morning Shazy! I love all your signs and your window turned out great! I have been wanting to try my hand at making some signs but for some reason, I am afraid to! I'm afraid they won't turn out well. Maybe one day I'll get the courage to give it a try! Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. I love your signs Shazy, you did a great job and the window frame turned out great too!

  4. Hello and wish your 14 yo a very happy birthday from me! I'm like you as the older the kids get, the harder it is to look back on their early days and not fill up...
    But on to happy times - you could make a fortune selling the signs and as for the window frame it's terrific! I love the mantle display!
    Really love all your new prim touches!

  5. I love your signs, they came out great. I too, love your mantle display!!
    Have a great week!!
    Hillcrest Home Prims

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter! I agree with you, they grow up so fast and I always get a little sad when we watch old DVD's of Kayleigh when she was little. All of your paintings are perfect! I love the displays you have on both of your mantles.

    Have a great week!

  7. Shazy girl,
    YOU have outdone yourself w/your painting on those signs and I love the way you displayed everything! Super job girlfriend! LOL

    I'm like Donna said, I've been wanting to try my hand at stenciling too and feel it won't look as good as yours and others.

    Your mantles are beautiful just the way they are!

    Have a great week! wondered why I hadn't heard from you lately, now I know! :))
    Best wishes to your daughter!

    Tanya ~

  8. I always enjoy seeing your posts and projects.

  9. Our weekend revolved around my daughter's 11th birthday and she DID want a party. So we had 9 girls here that we took skating and they stayed the night. Needless to say, I crashed Saturday all day in front of the fireplace! =] But yes, you are so right. They grow up before your eyes, even as you blink. So stop and enjoy your time with them before they are gone!

    You painted all your signs too?? I LOVE them and the sayings. You did a wonderful job on everything! Including your decorating. I love where you put everything!

  10. Love your signs and gameboards!!

  11. I know the poem you mean...
    Birthdays are happy times. Sadness is when you start to clear out a cupboard and find old pics. You never ever get to clear out the cupboard..... x x x understand how you felt AW!
    x x x

  12. oh girl I just LOVE what you did. You can send me the first mantle to my place. I ADORE it...The vignettes you made on both mantels are just beautiful.

    You did an awesome job with the painting. Don't tell me you painted those signs too girl???? You have inspired me because I've always ogled over the blogs that have such beautiful talents with crafting....and I have TONS at my home, but never thought of myself any good at it.

    this post has encouraged me to do it!!!!