Friday 6 September 2013

Friday catchup!

Well, we have 1 week of school routine nearly finished and it has been a busy busy week!
Hopefully next week will come more naturally.

I am so glad it is Friday, even though it spells a weekend of laundry,but just to be able to relax a little, so what better way to relax and get the weekend off to a good start but to have some stitch fix!
AND to be even more organised........get a blog post underway :)
I can't say I have achieved much on the stitching front but here are a few pics of what I have been working on.

Hubby and I got the most delightful treat at the end of August with a few days away on our own, so of course I had to hurridly prep some hand stitching......just in case! This is another pattern by 'Heart to Hand' with a few little changes.

I also finished the binding on this quilt

And I am still enjoying big stitch quilting this quilt I showed last time

Normally I just keep my blog for stitching but I thought I would share another lovely little trip my sister and niece, my youngest daughter and I had recently.
We got a girlie night to a gypsy caravan 'Rosie Lee' and what fun we had together.

Mums and daughters

Some serious concentration-making jewellery

Smores by the fire

All ready for a sleep? That would be just too wasteful......we were determined to lap up every delightful second in the Rosie-Lee

Now I am feeling inspired to stitch before the school run. I hope you find some stitch therapy this weekend,


  1. Gorgeous stitching - we do love Santas!
    What a fun time for you girls! That was a great idea and looks lovely!
    Hope everyone is back on track for new school year!
    God bless

  2. De magnifiques projets en perspectives. Un joli blog aussi. Bises de kina

  3. De magnifiques projets en perspectives. Un joli blog aussi. Bises de kina