Friday 16 August 2013

Stitching and Birmingham quilt festival!

Well, I am not sure if anyone is still about that used to visit me but I have so missed blogging myself, although I love to jump on to blogger and catch up on some of my favourite blogs for inspiration.

I went last week to Birmingham fesival of quilts and it was such a delight to wander up and down the isles and view all the beautiful fabrics and quilts, not to mention the goodies I just had to have!

We have had a beautiful summer this year for the kids being off school and with us not getting away far this year, the good weather was such a blessing. In between all the running about I have been chugging away on my 'Home Sweet Home' quilt designed by 'Heart to Hand'and am pleased to report that the hand quilting is in progress!

This is the first time I have used valdani 12 to hand quilt with a bigger stitch. I am loving the added dimension it brings to the wool and woven fabrics-hopefully I will finish this quilt this time!

The next few pictures are of the purchases I made at the quilt festival (especially for Wendy 'The Quiet Room' as we had hoped to get on the same day and meet up, but unfortunately with family commitments, that was not to be) I think there are a few similarities Wendy, such as a few wool bundles and 'snowman gatherings' by Primitive Gatherings :)

'Sew Cherished' was a lovely little booth from America, selling wool crazy kits

I bought a few Japanese wovens for my 'Heart to Hand' patterns and also fell for linens this year-I love the lighter look they give-some were tea dyed.

Thanks, if you have taken the time to stop by. I just hope I can get this to publish now!


  1. I absolutely love your "Home sweet Home" quilt!!! Beautiful!

  2. Welcome back to Blogland! You have been missed but when you do post it's a real treat! I am seriously in love with this newest quilt! The colors are beautiful and your stitching is perfect!

    Didn't you do we'll at the show?!! You did better than going to the US!!! Hahaha!
    Have a great weekend stitching

  3. Your Home Sweet Home is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the stitching!

  4. Good to 'see' you on here again Shazy!
    Your quilt turned out gorgeous!! Love the little extra hand quilting - really makes it 'pop'.
    Looks like you really scored at the Quilt festival ~ how fun!


  5. Your Home Sweet Home quilt is lovely! I'm admiring the Valdani 12 big stitch quilting and think I may have to try it on my next quilt. It really does add that extra little something! You certainly found some great goodies to bring home!

  6. Good to see you Shazy - really love your 'Home Sweet Home' quilt - well done.

    Love your FofQ purchases. I came very close to going, but I couldn't afford it, so resisted - no point going if you can't spend eh!!

    Julia x

  7. Hello my lovely friend,
    Soooo glad to see you back ...I have missed you :)
    Love all your loot! I can see some similarities in our shopping finds ...hehehe ;)
    LOVE your Heart to Home Quilt put me to shame as I'm still struggling with those trees and leaves from blocks 4&6! :(
    Great to see and share everything with you...come back soon
    Hugs Wendy x x

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