Saturday 12 February 2011

Quilt along!

Ok, I'm a bit later than I intended but here I am for a little while! I thought I had the cherubs outside for some vitamin D, when they were back in soaked after puddle jumping and of course it ended in falling in! That meant a mucky utility room and the washing machine spinning again....but so glad they are able to have fun:)

I am trying this year to follow along with Sue and Cathi in getting prepared for the Christmas hols! Click on my sidebar for the quiltalong and see what everyone else is up to.

For me I am going to try and organise myself with a 'Heart to Hand' pattern. I got the backgrounds (Japanese textures and brushed cottons) from Karen (Farmhouse Woolens) as she was running this as a BOM.

Here is a pic of the finished quilt,

So far I have prepped block 1, not sure how much I will get done, but this is a start:)
The photo was taken under the skylight, but the heart really is red NOT pink:)

Speak later....... my company has returned,

Shazy x


  1. Shazy,
    That is gonna be beautiful when you get done! You've got a nice start on it already.

    Have a great wkend, dear friend.


  2. The heart is a great block to start with as it's Valentine's weekend.

  3. That is awesome and I'd love to jump on board!
    Have fun with it!

  4. A wonderful pattern, enjoy making this quilt and working with wools. I look forward to seeing more as you go along. I love the Japanese Taupes they will make wonderful backgrounds for the wool with all the textures.

  5. That's a beautiful quilt pattern, and I love your first block. It'll be impressive when completed.

  6. I had to come back a post to see what pattern your blocks are from. I remember seeing this pattern on Farmhouse's site. Beautiful.

  7. Looking good. I love that quilt! Can't wait to see all you progress!