Tuesday 22 February 2011

A little advice please!

Another busy week just passed and it looks like we are in the midst of another. Last week the children were off school for half term-we had a great week, full of activity and finished off on a high note with our oldest daughters 15th birthday! Wow, I can't believe how quickly time goes-a good time was had by all and we are so proud of our maturing daughter!

Today was piano exam day, so quite a bit of stress with that-I'll not bore you with the rest of the activities this week but I start my new job next week!!!!! So some changes required around here, especially on the organisational front (even though I will only be gone 2 days in the week)

Anyway, I felt the need to do some stitching over the weekend (I'm getting a sneaking feeling my sewing time might be curtailed a little, for the first few weeks at least.

I put together this quilt top and now I need some help from you quilters out there.
Up until now I confess to really only having quilted in the ditch or around applique shapes by hand, but I would love to know how you would quilt this top if it was yours:)
The second pic shows a little closer the fabric and the width of the bands-again I'm looking advice, how to quilt it.

Ok, I'm a glutton for punishment....I think I'm trying to put myself off wool applique, but I have started the Autumn quilt blocks I showed in a previous post!

Three down and nine to go:) I'm very proud to say, all the fabrics-Japanese wovens, brushed cottons and wools are all from my stash and I'm pretty sure I will have enough to complete it.....not sure if that is a good admission or not??

Just a few pics to show the textures

It has taken me hours to do this post, I'm not sure what blogger is doing here today!

I wanted to upload a photo of a lovely gift I received in the post but am unable to get it sorted for some reason, so I am going to go ahead with this post now and hopefully blogger will play ball when I get back.

Thanks again for all your interest and please please tell me how you would quilt this top if it was yours:)

Shazy x


  1. Your quilt top is beautiful Shazy and I don't think you can beat hand quilting around the applique shapes and maybe in the ditch between the blocks ..... I think hand quilting just adds to it's rustic charm!!

    Julia x

  2. I'm not a quilter so I can't give you advice there, but I just love this quilt! You are doing such a wonderful job, and the colors and design are beautiful! I hope you get great tips and advice to complete it.

  3. Quilt top is gorgeous! AND I love the new blocks!! I've been eyeing that quilt myself at PG. I'm telling myself NO cuz I do not need another beautiful quilt to hand, I need one to cuddle under!! :-) I think you should SID, echo around appliqué and then do some meandering swirls or stipple OR you could continue echoing the appliqué. Just a few choices! :-)

  4. Just wanted to say that I LOVE all your blocks you've done and your quilt top is gorgeous!! Lots of lovely hand~work once again!

    Congrats on your new job!!

    Take Care!

  5. I have the answer... send it to me! Then you'll never have to worry over the dilemma again.
    It really is beautiful. Don't stop using wool. There is something very special and 'homey' about it.
    Julie :)

  6. How gorgeous - I LOVE it AND the new blocks you've started - I can only imagine having that much stash of wools etc!!!!
    I'm sure with your talent you'll quilt the top beautifully!
    Congrats on landing the new job!! Hope you settle in quickly!
    Best wishes

  7. I love your quilt and the wool applique, it looks great to me! Congratulations on your new job!

  8. Hi Shazy,
    I don't know if it would suit your quilt but, how about quilting in the Born to Quilt way? you know, visible stitches and I don't know how to explain it but have a look at how I quilted my quilt mystere to see if you like it!!
    anyway, it is beautiful and your new bloks are to die for!!!!

  9. Hi Shazy,
    Beeeaaauutiful Quilt!!!! Stunning, to be honest i'd be scared to quilt it (sorry no help there am I ...what a numpty..lol!) I'd probably just do stitch in the ditch and hope for the best ;) Sorry!!!
    But I love your new Autumn blocks...does this mean you've got two on the go??? ;) lol! Wasn't it Christmas the other week??? :)
    I have a confession... I just signed up last week for PG's Autumn H2H BOM...but I have to wait until March for the first blocks shipping...tried to sign up for the Christmas one too, and I may have scraped a late place ...hehehe...whats reeeaally bad is that I already have a full set of the patterns!...sigh!
    But who could pass up a PG BOM x2??? lol!
    Ooops sorry this is soooo long...
    Love ya , Wendy x

  10. Hi Shazy,
    You just commented on my blog and so I had to check out yours! I LOVE that quilt you're working on with the house and star! Whose pattern is it?

  11. Busy, busy, busy! Happy late Birthday to your oldest! My oldest is 15 also so I know what you mean. Best wishes with your new job. I hope everything works out for you and your family!

    I don't quilt so I can't help you there, sorry. But it sounds like you landed some great advice! It is a beautiful piece so I'm sure whatever you decide will be pretty.