Monday 14 April 2014

Flimsy collecting!

It sure has been a while......but I am still loving stitching, have no fear! It is just time to post seems to be the issue!

'Son' asked me recently had I quit blogging and when I assured him that I hoped not, he decided my blog needed a 'fresher' look. From what I can gather, the background seems to view ok on computer but not ipad?

Anyways, I have deducted I am a collector of 'flimsies'! When I get one finished, I can't wait to move on to start someting else and they never seem to get quilted. Does anyone else have that issue?

I think it is because everything gets handquilted and that is a slow daunting process.
Here are the latest flimsies,
Having seen 'Winter Solstice' on Karens (Log Cabin Quilter)blog and loved how she made it up, so this is my version, with wool applique

Next up, is Buttermilk Basin, 'Sheep in the Willow'. This was on the go for sometime but I loved how 'Quilt Hollow' put hers together and my desire to get it finished was ignited once again!

Last up are the house blocks put together

Plenty of handquilting me thinks?
Thanks again for sharing with me despite my randomness:)


  1. I totally understand. Have recently picked up my quilting habit again and also hand stitch almost everything. Can't wait to start the next top. Today I'm being disciplined with a large lap rug which is intended to be a birthday gift so the quilting must get quilting. :)

  2. Your Winter Solstice is wonderful! And a good idea to use wool for the applique. I also made those Buttermilk Basin blocks as a gift. I have not made my set yet.

  3. Your quilts are darling! I love that you hand quilt them...something I'm not good at besides the big stitch that I'm still needing to finish on my sheep willows quilt.

  4. I love them ALL!! I especially love Winter Solstice!! I think I have the pattern for that a book??


  5. Good to hear from you! I know how it is taking the time from other things to blog. :) But I do miss it if I don't.
    All of those flimsies are beautiful!! I really adore the Sheep in the Willows. I'm going to have to look for that pattern! Thanks for sharing, and Happy Stitching!

  6. Love your quilts! All are so gorgeous.Have a great evening.Blessings,Jen

  7. Hello! How did I miss this post until now!? At first I thought I was on the wrong blog but I am thinking Son should get into the web design business as he has obvious talent and takes after his mother clearly!! It looks fab!
    And you know already I adore all your quilt tops!
    Glad you still post now and again!