Thursday 2 June 2011

Woolly Wednesday a day late......!!

We are having the most beautiful weather here today and really it is hard to believe after the cool spell we have had; so I left the house and all it's untidiness and headed out for the day with my sister. That's part of the reason why this post is a little late, but we have to catch the sun here when we get it, for you never know when it will return.

Firstly thanks to your interest in my last post-enough to leave a comment, which were all appreciated. A special thanks goes out to Patty who kindly pointed out the upside down star point and the funny thing is, I hadn't even noticed such a visible mistake, so thanks Patty.
O yes, thanks too to Tammy who suggested sheep in the grass as I wasn't quite taken with the prim cat/dog in the original.

Two more blocks completed.

Ok, this is as far as I have got-all the blocks sewn together-click to get a clearer pic

The problem is-I thought I was so near finished but just look at those borders......nearly as much work as I have already done, never mind the huge bit that I find challenging.....quilting!!!

A friend told me, the only way to make a quilt is one stage at a time, so my next stage is the borders and I'm trying not to think of the quilting (another years work??)

Have a great week,

Shazy x


  1. I love the quilt rack/blanket crane in your banner. Do you know where I could find one? Love your new quilt.

  2. Oh Shazy, it's really gorgeous - you must be really pleased with it. I love your choice of colours too. Keep going with the borders - you'll get there eventually. Quilts do take forever don't they? I'm only half way through one I started about 18 months ago!!

    Love Julia xx

  3. Great job so far! You can't NOT finish this one.

  4. Shazy,
    Your quilt is spectacular! I wish I sewed better. It's funny, I get all agitated, even with a machine...but I love seeing what you talented seamstresses are coming up with! Just beautiful! You'll figure out the stages as they come...all part of the fun of the craft.

  5. Shazy it looks amazing! I had to go back because I didn't remember the star points being upside down!!

  6. It's so gorgeous! I love how the four seasons are represented!! Just gorgeous!

  7. Ohhh but it's stunning! even without the borders it looks fab. The border looks so detailed tho' it will be worth the work!
    Can't believe how huge it is!
    Best wishes

  8. This quilt top is gorgeous. Great job!

  9. omg Its it...!!!!!

  10. Your quilt is going to be a true heirloom. I love it!!!!!