Saturday 16 April 2011

WARNING! More blocks......

One reason why I have been absent recently, is due to the fact that I really feel I have little to blog about. Any stitching time I have, has been dedicated to these blocks, but I suppose what can I expect when I took on not one, but two wool applique block quilts! I apologise in advance, but this is more blocks.......

I just wanted to share where I am with the'Heart to Hand' Christmas quilt

And all together, although the snowman isn't in his right position, but just to give you an idea,

I have been seeing all over blogland the new primitive quilting magazine and I am sooo jealous! I am anxiously watching for the postman in the hope he will bring mine soon, so being in the book/mag mood, I succumbed to buy this new book by Jan Patek and I LOVE it! So many beautiful projects........

Well, there seems to be a queue for this laptop and I'm feeling under pressure, so I hope your weekend is a good one:)


Shazy x


  1. Where did you find Jan's book/magazine? I would like to purchase one.

    I love seeing your wool blocks. The ones you share today are from a pattern I was quite tempted by but did not succumb to purchasing.

  2. No need to apologise for such lovely blocks Shazy - they're really nice and your stitching is so neat. What's this new primitive quilting magazine you mentioned - I'm interested to hear more. And I love the look of the Jan Patek book - more projects perhaps eh!!

    Love Julia xxx

  3. I love seeing your progress on the blocks - the Santa looks so lovely I wanted it to be Christmas again! Minus the snow and freezing temps of course!!!
    The book looks like a brill buy and one that will keep in stitchin' too!
    Have a great day!

  4. Gorgeous blocks! It's so fun to watch your quilt coming together. That book looks so good. I haven't seen one yet.

  5. We all love seeing your progress on your BOM blocks! They are very pretty and so neatly done too!
    Lovin' the looks of that new book of yours!

    How funny that you, Christine and I all posted on the same day!

    Have a great wkend/week my dear Irish friend! :))


  6. Hi Shazy!
    I LOVED seeing your Christmas is on my to do list!! You are doing an awesome job! NEVER apologize for sharing such wonderful work...but I know how you feel....I felt the same way with my Settler's Pride blocks...but it was all I had to show!! After reading your blog, I see how silly I was! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your blocks are coming along so nicely. I love seeing quilt progress. Keep us posted on blocks to come and the final quilt! Hope your magazine comes soon too. It looks like a good one!

  8. Really love the look of your blocks Christine.
    There are times when you need to do something more important than play around with a keyboard, especially when the finished product looks as good as this :-)xxx

  9. Hi stranger ;)
    How you doing? Glad to see you still sewing, your blocks are looking great, I'm starting to catch up, almost finished my 3rd one ... I need you to keep posting pictures of your blocks so that I can keep checking I'm sewing the right wooly bits!
    Lovely to hear from you.
    Hugs Wendy x

  10. Oh, the blocks are coming along so well! I love each of them. That book looks fantastic.

  11. You worked hard on this beatifull blocks dear! I just made pictures in the Keukenhof...about flowers, bulbs tree's and more flowers!!

  12. Of course you have much to share, girl! I am not a quilter at all but I have really been enjoying your blocks. They are deep, dark colors and adorable designs. I look forward to what you finish next! =]

    Have a wonderful week~

  13. SHAZY :-)
    Think you have lots to blog about :-)
    You could blog about other poor bloggers :-)
    Always so good to visit your blog.. I promise. never to make another mistake again :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Thanks for sharing your pictures, especially of the Christmas quilt. I'm working on that same BOM from PG but you are way ahead of me. PG is one of my favorite shops and I've been there 3 times even though it's a 9 hour drive each way.
    Jan Patek is one of my favorite designers and I just got that book too. I've made several of her designs and just had to order a kit from her for the Monkey Wrench quilt after seeing it in the book.
    I think you'll really like the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.