Wednesday 26 January 2011

Its been a while!

I sure have missed blogland so much this last while and here's hoping to getting caught up on some reading of my favourite blogs.

I'm feeling a tad fragile or traumatised today-I had my interview yesterday for the Research Nurse post (that's why I've been absent!)and not having had an interview for 14yrs combined with having been on a career break......well, I'll spare the details, suffice to say, everytime I think of it, I CRINGE!! I promised my self, when it was over yesterday, I was going to stitch all evening-not a chance, the embarressment must have been too much and I was laid up with a bad headache:(
Anyway, I haven't heard anything yet and life must move along:))

Obviously I haven't got much sewing done but I'll share a few pics since last on here.

I did take a day a few weeks back in the dye pots and for those not interested in seeing one pic after the other of wool, I am trying to amalgamate the pics-lets see if it works!

The colours haven't come out the best, but at least you see the textures.

Now to more fun stuff-I was trying to do a little reading the other morning when I got the most delightful surprise in the post- what perfect timing to lift my spirits!
My good friend Tanya sent me some lovely gifties all deliciously wrapped in star tissue paper. Just have a peek at her lovely handwork in the pillows and card.

Thanks again Tanya-I so love everything and you are one talented girl! I had admired Tanya's cute little snowman pillow in red on her blog and now I have one:)) The other little snowman cross stitch pillow, plays a little tune -how fun is that! I had to take the pic as soon as they came because I knew those chocolate kisses weren't going to last too long! Now I am itching to get started on the lovely punchneedle kit.

Now do you want to see what a copycat I am?? I noticed the lovely Belen (Simply Patchwork blog) kept her stitching on a lovely little table (what a great idea Belen) and it reminded me of a little tray stand I had in the attic (not as nice as Belens) but functional. So while the kitchen bench lay cluttered with dirty dishes this morning, I was balancing in the attic digging for this......

If you don't know Belen, she is from Spain and has an online shop for things that those of us who don't live in the States, have difficulty getting the hold of.
Here is a little purchase I got recently from her-some fabric inch tape and some weeks dye works wools (


  1. What a lovely present you got there! And do you dye you're wool you're self? How? Is there a book or something....because overhere it's diffecult to find it aswell! Hugs from me

  2. Love all those colorful woolies you dyed! Wow! I'm super impressed and would love to know what all you're going to make w/them, esp. those blues!

    You are totally welcome for the 'gifties',ha. I hope you enjoy them!

    Love all the new wools you ordered! I will have to check out that gal' shop just for fun.


  3. Hello dear..
    I was glad to see you posted and it was so interesting...
    You have a lot of woolens and I too am wondering what they will make..
    Have a great week...

  4. Oh, I am sorry... I forgot to say what lovely gifts your good friend Tanya sent you..
    You is a sweetie, eh?

  5. I was praying for you all day yesterday so I trust all the trauma will be worth it!
    You definitely deserve stitchin' therapy - just what a prim doctor would order! Haha!
    Love your wools and the table is a great idea!
    Blessings Christine

  6. Oh, Shazy, I was thinking... what table does she mean? You mean the green table at my cottage??? jaja!!!
    You may have a surprise with the interview, you never know, and if it is not this time, next time will be better, I am sure!!
    all the best, darling

  7. Hi there Shazy,
    How are you feeling? Has the trauma receded any? I think you were soooo brave to go for the interview, I haven't worked since Abi was a baby..almost 17 years!!! I know I'd make a complete an utter fool of myself in that kind of situation...I'd probably cry in the interview too, just to seal my! Just relax this weekend and the memories will! ;)

    Love your goodies, I got a surprise from Tanya today tooo...she's been a busy girl and soooo generous and lovely!

    I see you've been busy with your dye-pots again, love the colours. And some sneaky shopping too...;) I'll have to pop over and have a lookie..hahahaha..

    Ooops sorry this is soooo long I should write you instead...hahaha. Take care

    Hugs Wendy x

  8. Oh goodness girl, sorry you went through that. You are not alone though, trust me. I can only imagine how I would embarrass myself silly to the point of them having to ask me to leave, lol! You were brave to go on an interview after that long. It's been 20 years since my last interview, I think I would just have to forget it and move in with my parents if I had to go to one, haha!

    I think the colors of your wool are very pretty! What a nice little work tray you have set up, that will come in handy, I'm sure.

    Tanya is a sweetheart! How nice of her to send you such sweet things! I hope you have a great weekend~

  9. Hello there, I came across you blog and enjoyed myself so I became a follower, thanks for sharing and stop by to visit me sometime