Monday 20 September 2010

This 'n that!

It's a sunny Monday here in good ole Ireland-yes, the sun actually is shining, but it is shining in our home too-today was the first day for sometime that we haven't had tears in Nursery school, oh am I soooo relieved! Hopefully we are on the way up and my mornings can now be spent catching up on some very much needed housework (I have been sitting outside Nursery in the car,every morning, since the beginning of September.....and my housework is suffering big time!lol) but when my babe is happy-I'm happy:))

I don't have a big lot to blog about, with regards to my own creativity, but I have wanted to get on to show you the lovely Fall gifts I received from my friend Christine (Preferably Prim)-I'm sure you all know her by now and the lovely handwork stitching she does,

Take a look at this beautiful pinkeep pillow-love the colours and the stitching,

And just take a look at this prim shelf-sitter; all hand stitched! Thanks again Christine, I love them all:)

There hasn't been a big pile of stitching going on here (you will see now in a moment) but this is a Buttermilk Basin pattern, I have been working on, now and again. I'm not sure whether or not to frame it, as the pattern gives, or, to make it into a pillow-which would be quite large!

Here is why I haven't got much stitching done......yep, I have been playing with the dye pot again! I actually think I am becoming quite the squirrel-I seem to have the need to hoard nuts,oops-I mean wool for my favourite season-winter. Don't know when I will ever get them stitched, but I seem to need lots!

Don't forget that the colours are all darker than the pics show:)
I'm thinking Christmas tree's

and maybe some Santa's here

I can't seem to get a good colour on this photo, but they are a mix of pumpkin/rust and cinnamon and spice colours-some fall items and some gingers?

If you can excuse my ironing board with the towel I use to iron my wools to keep them fluffy, here is last weeks productivity!! I'm loving textured wools at the minute, as I'm sure you have gathered!lol!

This week, I really have to get some stitching done-even though I could sit all day and just look at those wools......maybe when I think I have enough I will be able to cut them up?? What do you think-will I ever have enough?

Have a great week,
Blessings, Shazy x


  1. they are amazing. I love all the colors. I have never worked with wool but I'm thinking penny rugs. I just have those in my mind.
    Happy pre-school! ★Linda★

  2. As long as you're happy! You really have been in the dye pot big time!lol!
    All those colours are scrummy!
    So pleased your littlest is settling in better, too.
    Now all you have to do is sit back and stitch to your heart's content!
    Best wishes

  3. So glad to hear your little one is adjusting to nursery school! Your gifts from Christine are just wonderful! She surprised me with a birthday card and a cute little stitchery. She is just too sweet!! All of your wool looks wonderful and I can't wait to see what you make.

  4. Wowza! what an amazing collection of woolies you have there, squirrely, oops, I mean girlie! LOL
    Those colors are gorgeous!! and I think you can find tons of projects to use them on.

    The gifts from Christine are darling! You girls are having quite the fun, aren't you? :))

    Hope to hear from you again soon! Have a wonderful crafty week!


  5. oops! I meant to include that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that BB pattern you are working on! Of course, I know firsthand how amazing your stitching is!


  6. OH WOW Shazy!!!! Your wools are gorgeous!! I love the're getting tooo good at! And guess what I ordered last week from BMB??? That very same pattern/kit... hahaha! Glad Nursery is getting more sewing in the!
    Hugs wendy x

  7. Just look at those colors! I think I'm in love! I can't wait to see what becomes of them all!
    Have a wonderful (tear free) afternoon!!

  8. Those wools are gorgeous - buzy bee!! But I bet you don't cut them up - I would be hard pushed to!!

    Love the pressies you received, partic the pinkeep - lucky you ...... and I'm sorry I can't help with your BMB - I think it would look good either way, as a cushion or in a frame. Not much help there then!!


  9. I am positively drooling! That wool is Scrumtious!!!

  10. Visiting your sweet blog 4 the first so adorable and cozy...i feel like i could spend a long time just reading your posts.

  11. The wools are amazing. I want to reach out and stroke them too.

  12. The shelf sitter is cute as can be! Your should work some more on your wool project done. You look close to done and this is the season to display it.

  13. Oh goodness girl, the things we do for our kids! But I understand... I would have done the exact same thing. So glad that things are better now.

    Christine is so very sweet and talented! What lovely gifts she blessed you with.

    The Buttermilk Basin pumpkin design is adorable! It is turning out very nice. I think it would be neat to make it into a large pillow. I have a wooden bench that it would look wonderful sitting on. =]

    Ah yes, beautiful wools!! Makes me jealous! How fun to play around with the different dye colors. You have some wonderful ideas brewing... can't wait to see some finished pieces!

  14. Wooo hoo! I hope you don't mind but I nominated you for a blog award! Just pop over to my blog and collect it - if you want to and if you don't I fully understand.
    Best wishes