Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Decorating and stitching

I have been wanting to post now for a while, to tell you about my great time at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, but having been away last week on hols, I forgot to bring my camera home, so I am not going to be able to show pics of the quilt show, but I have been doing a little bit of decorating, so I am going to show you a few pics of that.

Firstly though, I had such an exciting time at the quilt festival. A friend and I headed off on the plane at 8.40am and 40mins later we were in Birmingham!! After identifying the monorail and a 2min ride we were at the NEC where the quilt show was-how handy was that?

We were soooo excited to have two days out to ourselves and wow, the quilt show did not disappoint!! Stall after stall of beautiful stuff-bliss, to say the least. Unfortunately I cannot show you my goodies til I get my camera back (I could get them all out and take more pics, but I'm too lazy) but I had a very exciting event......I got to meet another blogging buddy in real life!!

I must say, I aint in the habit of meeting people I have met on-line, but I have been liaising with the lovely Wendy from the 'Quiet Room' blog for sometime now and felt I knew her already- I just needed a face to complete the friendship:))

We spent a lovely hour over lunch and laughed at the common purchases and out of all the 100's of stalls, we both had the same favourite-how cool (or odd) is that?
Anyway, it was great to meet and Wendy surprised me with the most lovely gift;
check out these little pillows-her hand stitching is soooo neat-I just love them, thanks again Wendy:)

This is where the little wool pillow is placed

Moving on; over the summer we got some painting done to the living area, hall, stairs and landing (the paintwork was so grubby, it was a disgrace). Since we have alot of dark wood in the house, we went with lighter walls and while this was taking place, I commissioned my hubby's friend to make me some items-quilt racks and blanket crane shelves.

This one, I did aged white over black and walnut wax to finish.

Back to my trusty good olde deep red colour:) again, aged with walnut wax-difficult to see

Just a closer view to see I have started to decorate for autumn-even though,over the last two days we have been blessed with the most sunshine we have had all summer!lol!

This next pic was another summer project-I aged this ladder and then hand stitched the wool applique towels, whilst relaxing at the caravan.

Yep, it's more pumpkins!lol!

........and more pumpkins??

OK, I think that's sufficient from me for tonight; hope you have enjoyed your visit and please call again soon. My youngest babe starts nursery tomorrow and the older cherubs go back to school-back to routine again and to be honest, maybe that is what I am in need of-routine! Just maybe, the dishes will get washed before bedtime and the laundry will be kept up to date.....I know hubs, who do I think I'm kidding-not a chance, when there is stitching to be done:))

Blessings, Shazy x


  1. I love how you have decorated for Fall and your pumpkins are coming along nicely!

  2. Hi Shazy,

    I heard all about your meeting with Wendy from the lady herself - I bet that was fun!! I went along to the Festival of Quilts too, but on the Saturday ... and guess which was my favourite stall - 'Born to Quilt' - I have been a follower of Veronique's for a couple of years now, and truth be told, that's the main reason I went - take a look at what I bought, but DON'T laugh at the awful pictures of me!!!:0) x

  3. Well you lucky girl!! How brilliant for you to get to the show and meet Wendy - I love the strawberry pillow!

    Seems like autumn is arriving and out come the pumpkins - your wool stitched ones are beautiful!

    Hope little one settles in well at nursery!
    Speak soon!

  4. Hey Miss Shazy,
    Welcome back! I read about your meeting w/Wendy on her blog and I can only imagine how much fun it was meeting another blogger in person! I'm jealous! LOL
    Love the darling pillows she made you!

    Your towels and racks/cranes look wonderful, of course we wouldn't expect anything less, ha. I am slowly getting in the mood to decorate for fall too and always enjoy how others decorate for each season.

    Hope your kiddies have a great school yr. and lots of free time to stitch for you!

    Take care!

  5. The red & tan quilt is wonderful and so is the wool strawberry little pillow!

  6. Hello Shazy, I love your blog and have become a "follower" glad you enjoyed the FOQ I am determined to go next year!! Gorgeous pictures, have enjoyed looking at them. Hugs, Charlotte x

  7. Came accross your Blog whilst blog hopping..Love how everything looks...I am following your Blog now:)

  8. How delightful to meet up with a fellow blogger and how neat that you had common interests! Her pillow gifts are very sweet!

    You have some wonderful prim in your home! I love how you put everything together in neat little displays.

    I LOVE that ladder! I have been looking for one exactly like that for well over a year now and can't find one. I think I'm gonna have to make my own. I want a tall one that tapers to the top just like that for my kitchen to hang vintage linens and homespun towels on. I like how you finished it, very nice!