Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spring is in the air!!

Hope this post finds you all enjoying nice sunshine! Although cool, it is so heartsome, having the sun shining. The only downside is, all I can see is dirty windows and dust!LOL A job for another day:)

I'm hoping my week only improves-we have had 2 quite stressful days, dealing with school bullying, but hopefully as we speak it has been resolved. Why do children want to be so mean sometimes and why do they have to suffer such hurt sometimes? Anyway, I will not sort it out here and now, so lets move on.

Here are a few bits of sewing I have been working on-time to sew seems to be evading me recently. I will have to change that somehow:))

This little bunny is made out of wool and backed with linen.

I have taken a liking to sheep and penny rugs.

A friend of mine (Christine from Preferably Prim) really loves pineapples, so this was made for her walls which she is decorating.

This next project has me in seventh heaven!! I am sooo enjoying making it-sure it contains all the things I love-wool, saltbox houses, willow trees and RED!!!
The background is darker and more mottled than the pic shows-it is to be framed as a picture.

Thought I would leave you with a little smile:) My son gets the job of putting away the toilet rolls after shopping!! Needless to say, they didn't get too far-who needs toys when they have toilet rolls-my son refrained from the pics (11yrs?)

Now for the fun part!

Even eating breakfast became a pleasure, instead of a chore:))

Have a great week,
Blessings, Shazy x


  1. She steals the show!!! What a grin as she perches on the loo rolls!! Love those pics, what a sweetheart.
    And I can just imagine how pleased you are with the wool applique saltbox houses you're working on - really beautiful!
    Lovin' the pineapple wall hanging too!lol!
    Best wishes

  2. The toilet paper table is way too cute, and quite ingenious. I so hope the bullying situation will come to an end after today. I know how much it hurts seeing your children have to go through something like this.{{{hugs to all of you}}} I love all your stitching work, just beautiful!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. Why do we need to buy expensive toys when there are toilet paper rolls, etc. My daughter used to spend endless hours making things out of the empty toilet and paper towel rolls! The cheapest things can be the most entertaining.

  4. Oh that last pic is worth it all! Leah is just too cute! Alsolutely adorable!

    Love all your handwork! Gorgeous and of course it's the same things I love too! LOL

    Haven't gotten much sewing done on my end lately, but I'm itching to stitch soon. I think spring fever has finally hit here!

    Have a great week Shazy!

    Tanya~ www.friendshipcrossing.blogspot.com

  5. your sewing is wonderful and looks like they had fun with the toilet tissue :)

  6. I hate bullying in all forms.
    Amie Soto blossom normally helps me put the bog rolls away :-) At least she follows me......... x x x
    lucky for me she doesn't play with them

  7. Too cute!! That last photo is pricless!!

  8. Sorry you are having to deal with bullying. My son put up with it all school year without telling us or any teachers. He finally told me one day towards the end of the school year and we all went to see the principal the next day. He called both boys in to his office and got it straightened out right then and there. No more problems! I just wish my son would have told me so much sooner. It will get better!

    Looks like you all have lots of fun around your house like us! You never know what's going to happen around here. Your daughter is so cute!

    I like sheep and penny rugs and wool and saltbox houses and willow trees and RED also! So I am loving everything you have been up to! Your work is beautiful girl!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week~

  9. Oh Shazy, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the wonderful penny rugs and things you are working on. You do such great work!

    The toilet paper roll things are too funny! How cute is she!!!

  10. I love that vignette you made with the sewing machine. Oh that lamp is just beautiful. I adored the pics with the toilet paper. You have given me a great idea with the daycare children,lol.

  11. What a wonderful way to eat your breakfast, I love it.
    I was wondering where you buy some of the primitive things for your home? I know you make some and have been to the States (lucky thing). I live in England and fid it so hard to find primitive stuff, there is lots of Shabby Chic but no primitive. Ih and if you dont mind I wanted to ask about the chequers board, how on earth did you make it?

  12. Cute pics of your little one! I love your
    penny rugs! Thanks for stopping by and
    leaving me a nice comment about my craft
    room... I have been painting something
    for a blogging friend, I am almost done :)
    Then on to something else. Well, I better
    get back to it, have a great week!

    Bear Hugs~Karen